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Friday, February 10, 2017

Two dragons one the Paid lies of MSM and the self styled experts of social media forwarders.

Over simplification, hyper ventilation and other weaknesses of our present society portend dangerous trends.

Sir first all these need radical changes in the constitution.

Our constitution itself is not an original one taking into account any factor of our regional peculiarities into consideration or any cultural context.

It is a tinkered version of some other works.

So, over simplification put forth as suggestions as an emotional reaction or even as a reasonable notion may not fructify in reality however well intended it may be.

Though, it may evoke some responses, reactions, responsible and reasonable debates.

Unfortunately we as a nation also suffer from certain great weaknesses in many spheres which we never bother to address and even when someone addresses them we are keener on assigning ulterior motives rather than long term benefits that such measures can deliver to all.

Most of us have very healthy public opinions and filthy private operations.

For example, when someone has a heart attack we seek the opinion of a cardiac specialist, when someone has a tooth ache we rush to the dentist. We do not even bother to inform our regular family general physician who has been treating us for the past many decades.

Is it wrong? No, it is only logical because we need specialist opinion, specialist involvement whether it is attending to drainage blockage or blood vessel blockage.

But how many of our big business houses or medium business operators trust professionals to run the whole business, empower professionals to make decisions professionally without the interference of promoters, owners, or investors. Though by all means they can involve, suggest, advice and even object but allow the professionals a freehand.

I am just referring as an example to a small segment of social life and if we look deeper this benign cancer is operating in all realms.

Unfortunately, this inherent indifference to specialization is getting replaced and the gullible public and volatile youth are also swung between the two dragons one the Paid lies of MSM [main stream media] and the self styled experts of social media forwarders.

These destroy not only well informed debates and deliberations but replace it with some form of ideological populism which is excessively spiced up like most Indian dishes are and they are also self destructive .

Whisper of rumors, sliver of fictions, quiver of reactions snowballing into mass opinions and reality through social media can bury the importance of social media as bias and lies have buried most of the MSMs [Main Stream Media].

In the context of politics, political leadership involves multiple skill sets, most of which have nothing to do with any academic qualification, family affiliation or affluence.

Some of them could be listed as:-  a natural flair and ability to run an administration, organize, command and control mechanism with firm [sometimes authoritarian] decision making abilities, alertness to tackle manipulations and maneuvers, manage many characters, individuals and issues, grasp public sentiments and grab every opportunity to increase political power, clarity of understanding based on vision and an ability to manage a team to carry out that with a missionary zeal.

So, finding fault with politicians, blaming them for everything and making totally impractical to implement suggestions are ploys and easy escape routes to divert the attention of the masses from making or even attempting make well informed choices or decisions.

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