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Monday, February 6, 2017

Circadian rhythm

There are many possibilities and probabilities that exist between, besides and beyond these portrayals of ‘yes and no’ models.

This Circadian rhythm is known to many for many years.

The basis of evolution in any sphere is about change, metamorphosis and adaptation and not status quo or stagnation.

It is one of the many important aspects of nature’s importance and impact on life.

But then what do mothers of babies do? They remain awake mostly at night.

What do rag pickers all over the world do? Can they do it during day time?

Can pilots and train drivers prefer to operate only between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.?

What about night patrolling police force can they sleep?

What about news paper distribution?

What about milk that gets delivered at home by 4 or 5 a.m.?

What about the viewers of these types of shows [mostly useless and blunting and wrapping thinking]?

Life as it is now, has evolved through centuries of various permutations and is constantly trying to adapt to emerging situations and trends.

All other species do not use computers and internet or lights.

Elephant can eat raw tree barks and a tiger can see very well in the dark can human being do these?

Life must not be debated in terms of a pendulum swinging between fixed polarities of yes or no; good or bad; right or wrong; vice or virtue; moral or immoral and so on.

There are many possibilities and probabilities that exist between, besides and beyond these portrayals of ‘yes and no’ models.

Polarities, opposites, varieties, contradictions are part of nature but they need not be and preferably must not be labeled as paradoxes, divisions and misused as discriminatory devices.

When such things are done in any sphere it smacks of intolerant perspective and a negative attitude.

On the contrary these polarities and differences remind us of the necessities of compromises, adjustments, tolerance etc.

Those who have the luxury of leading a life as per the circadian rhythm are blessed individuals.

Those who can eat and live on uncooked organic vegetables and fruits are lucky souls.

However, to hold it as an argument propounding it as the only correct mode of living is stretching the argument too much in unidirectional mode and not at all feasible or recommendable for the present day.

Human beings are blessed to be able to experiment many things and use them.

If some of them misuse them it is sad.

Similarly, if certain traditional comforts in life style are required to be compromised for a better trade off then comforts will give way to compromises.

Most of these TV debates, fortunately I never see, except when forwarded by someone in close circles in social media, are not only anchored by someone but they are also anchored to certain predetermined stance or position to influence the perception especially of youth of impressionable age and act as mass opinion molders for which many gullible persons fall a prey.

Instead make children watch interviews and debates BBC; they are really open and broad minded exchange of views.

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