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Monday, February 27, 2017

21 Century global citizenship

         Ten doors and 21 points to 21st Century global citizenship


1. UN cannot afford to remain a mute spectator anymore though there are limits and diplomatic hurdles to levels of interference in internal affairs of any nation but involving for humanitarian causes or to be more precise to literally save humanity from self inflicted destruction.

My humble suggestions. mostly idealistic, some of which may be unpleasant to certain vested interest groups but sincerely meant to deliver a happy and humane humanity, healthy and prosperous society and a livable planet for posterity.

First and foremost we must lay the foundations of peaceful co-existence and this cannot be brought about by pronouncing any apolitical and nonreligious suggestions; nor spinning theories which do not ensure material comforts and which do not include technology; nor through continuing the business of poverty and victim hood peddling.

Life and nature work on interplay through many issues but we convert issues into multiple problems and further complicate everything trying to divert from addressing the core of the problems by extrapolating everything with too much of  too many political ideologies and trying to live a life through ancient scriptural edicts which may not have answers and solutions for our newly generated problems and pleasures.

2. Schooling for mass literacy, anti-biotic medicines for certain diseases and democracy for socio-political governance are inevitable and important factors of modern life for want of better alternatives.

Left has not provided  practical solutions nor can all solutions be left to be taken care of by the Right.

3. Humanity is not a pendulum to be made to swing perennially between the extremes of Left or Right, Capitalism or Communism, ethnocentric pride or xenophobic deride, megalomaniac greed or melancholic breed, nor can it be allowed to be caught in the web of extreme religious 'isms' and ideologies.

Real values of life must value life in its totality devoid of any extraneous identity.

Is that possible?

While all of us feel the need for unity what unity needs is feeling for all by all.

4. We need to recognize and respect variety in all forms and spheres of human activities but we can avoid over emphasis, outward expression or exhibition of any identity be it religious, regional, racial, ideological and so on and worse still imposition of it all on unwilling human beings.

Synergy is the need of the hour in an interconnected life and world. Most vital, important and inevitable fact of life, any life and all lives is that in all aspects life is inter-related, inter- connected and inter-dependent.

5. So, resorting to any over generalizing, over simplifying, homogenizing mode on the presumption that humanity can be controlled uniformly through any single model can never works out because there doesn't exist a single perfect, problem free or fool proof system. We all need to humbly accept that nothing in the world is a panacea.

Second-Agenda for change in perspective:-

6. However, we can develop an agenda within these systems, in political domain it is  democracy and all its institutions, with a realization, though it may sound too idealistic, that we are one among the many species sharing the space for sometime on this planet-wrongly called as earth when 70% of it is water.

Third-Advantage as a species-a simple realization:-

7. We are endowed, compared to many other species, with many additional faculties, senses along with documented records of centuries gone by for our reference and very advanced technologies to make life a more comfortable, happy and peaceful journey of harmony

Fourth- Incubation centers of change to be targeted:-

8. No religious edict, identity or practice must be imposed on any individual unless he/she decides to follow them voluntarily.

9. Humane attitude of caring, sharing, tolerating variety along with prioritizing the necessity of following rules that enable the practice of such lofty ideals must be taught scrupulously in all countries in all languages primarily at family level; schools and societies must reward children who practice such attitudes. These suggestions may sound naïve but necessitated by problems that  emanate from individuals and extend beyond any definable borders. So, policing them becomes tough but may be preventable if stopped even at the centers where they get fertilized.

10. Basic humane values and means of harmonious cohabitation must be nurtured at family level for which even UN can symbolically distribute batches to all girls and women across the world because no women would like her child/children, husband or father to kill another or get killed.

Fifth-Issues to be addressed:-

11. Violence, especially physical violence manifested in any form without any provocation must be accorded a very severe punishment after subjecting the perpetrator to school for reforming.

Sixth- Implementation of severe measures:-

12. Any institution be it political or religious which is found to harbor ideas or activities of instigating or inflicting violence against any other must be isolated and deprived of all facilities by every state and any state that is found to fail to implement such measures must be imposed with sanctions.

Seventh-Arbitrators or umpires or referees to implement the measures:-

13. A team of retired lawyers, socially respected persons locally, diplomats, and religious leaders- all must be women [ women from local communities] from the areas where disputes arise along with similar experts from another continent to adjudicate as and when such crisis emerge rather than having a statutory body in place before, because if there is a static statutory body in existence, then, the chances of influencing the verdict of such bodies becomes easier as we are used to subverting the  systems through bribes, corruption and manipulations which can be greatly minimized as it will be difficult to carry manipulations  over night. Despite all these, still, corruption, manipulation, misuse and all other negative things will emerge in the new proposed systems too, but they can be less and easily monitored.

Eighth-Evolve a sort of wisdom acceptable to all which could be broadly stated as follows:-

14. There could be multiple versions of wisdom in various forms imparted through myriad scriptures and religious practices.

But real universal wisdom in my humble opinion may be like this whether sanctioned or sanctified by either social mores or religious morality.

Wisdom is the work shop where works of evolutionary trends and experiences of everyone in it emerge to express wisely the essence of everything to engage with and enlighten everyone;

Ninth-The wisdom we need could be:-

15. We need a wisdom which prioritizes living in the present context and along with practicing certain time tested values which have relevance in present context but with global perspective to bequeath a livable planet, a lovable society with lovely infrastructures and improved living conditions;

16. we need a wisdom that evaluates everything and everyone with contextual relevance and based on the inherent attributes or merits of what or who is being evaluated without extrapolating any  presumptions, opinions, judgments, perceptions, expectations, ideologies, doctrines, identity based ideology and so on;

17. We need a wisdom which is willing to make minor adjustments, small compromises, spontaneous cooperation to create compatible and conducive atmosphere with humility devoid of any egocentric pride;

18. We need wisdom with the realization and a perspective that must be aware that life is a constant process of learning of the multiple dimensions of many things and the various dynamics of those dimensions involving the constant interaction and interrelationship with everyone and everything.

19. We need a wisdom that is willing to accommodate multiple methods or means of life with some overall tolerant attitude embedded on humanitarian concerns towards all human life and environmental or natural concern towards all other species.

20. We need a wisdom that gets its clarity of understanding through a churning process that takes into consideration several aspects from the practical to the philosophical and extending even to all the fantasies of the mind.

Tenth- Stop encouraging willful destroyers of peace and prosperity:-

21. No country must allow or enable looters of wealth from other nations to be hoarded anywhere as in the case  of some nations and institutions.

If all the above are followed then we stop:-

converting every comment into a controversy ;

every statement into some sensitive issue;

every event into a scandal;

every observation as having an hidden agenda;

stop dealing with others with ulterior motives, lurking suspicions, simmering discontent;

stop conducting everything ritualistically without real involvement;

stop treating religious activities with obsessive competition as if the number of adherents and places of worship are meant for Guinness book of world records;

stop allowing politics and politicization to dominate every discourse from beliefs to creating bofinology;

stop misusing natural resources;

stop looking at others with bias when in fact, there are no others as we are all inter-related and interconnected in several ways.

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