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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Politics as a predominant and all pervasive factor

Politics is a very important and inevitable component of social evolution.

Politics, can we avoid it in any domain?

And does punctuation really requires a very fastidious scrutiny?

Well. One cannot play an instrument without tuning nor paint a canvass without drenching the brush in paint.

1. When everything from the price and quality of tooth paste you use after you wake up in the early morning to the electricity charges for your bed room night lamp is determined by political dispensation of some form or other it is rather bad to be indifferent to politics, though one need not or can refrain from active or hyper active participation and also avoid getting entrenched in it.

2. Let me address this punctuation issue and then come to the rest.

When thoughts, ideas, opinions gush forth like a cascade or a cyclone little do they bother about the twigs and saplings on the way. The flow and force get prioritized and the recipient is not even in the scheme of things.
I suggest everyone to read one of world’s leading linguist Steven Pinker’s [of Harvard ]‘The sense of style’ -‘The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century’ -from page 284 on Punctuation. This chapter covers very comprehensively the complete width and depth of  the uses and usefulness of punctuations.
“ The problem for the writer is that punctuation indicates prosody in some places, syntax in others, and neither of them consistently anywhere…..Even the sticklers cannot agree how to stickle….In 2003 the journalist Lynne Truss in her wonderful book ‘Eats, Shoots &Leaves’ ..decries the punctuation errors she  spotted in ads,..newspapers. In 2004 New Yorker Review the critic Louis Menand decries punctuation errors he spotted in Truss’s book. In Guardian …the English scholar John Mullan decries the punctuation flaws he spotted in Menand’s review”
The world functions on thoughts and ideas and not punctuation marks.

3. Politics is so pervasive the more you avoid it the more you get drawn into it, so none of the subjects mentioned by you are unsullied by politics.

4. I have read the best books of politics in those domains namely science, language, philosophy and by extension history of civilization which involved these three subjects and I have also written blogs posts on these for which I shall give the links.

5. Before I proceed further by politics we can broadly mean or confine our definition based on merely denotation [not the multiple connotations] as scheming, domination, command and control mechanism, appropriating or taking undue credits and allegations, depriving what is due to the correct entity or person. In this aspect politics is a very important component of social evolution.

6. Science:-

7. Language:-

8.  History: - Here I am confining only to recent ones for easy reference to authenticity

9. Philosophy:- what is meant by it?
Most of the popular encyclopedias on philosophy do not have even references to Ramana Maharishi, J. Krishna Murthy, Sri Aurobindou, Osho, Bertrand Russell, worse still Confucius, Voltaire some of the best philosophers.

10. The following badly made transcript of a speech is really worth reading for its content

11. Politics:-

12. Politics in arts is too vast.

13. Sports and politics go hand in hand and so in my opinion we cannot avoid politics in any domain.

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