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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Words and Acronyms-Their wonder and wonderful patterns they can weave

Wonder of words and wonderful patterns they can weave

With seven basic colors natures weaves all her beauty.

With just seven notes music weaves wonderful ragas, songs, alapanas, kalpana swaras.

With 26 letters [I mean English here] and over a few million words we can create multiple patterns.

But we need to study all the fundamentals elements in detail like the alphabet in all its details and then the words.

These will enable us to adopt various techniques to use them as effective tools to express many things and many wonderful ways.

Alphabets their form and sound have some logic read here: -

Words have three basic attributes 1. Denotation,  
                                                     2. Connotation,  
                                                     3. Contextually acquiring relevant or appropriate meanings.

Acronyms :-
As for acronyms, palindromes etc with a bit of imagination, concentration and some creative instinct we can churn many wonderful word explanations through acronyms:-

Write even full paragraphs or full article as acronym of a particular word:-
Paragraph of acronyms :- from this link read a sample paragraph

What it is to Listen or what listening means? Is it
Lending ISincerely and Totally one’s Ears Nicely or Letting ISounds TEnter the ears as any Noise or  Lively, Intensely, Soulfully Thoughtfully Entertain only Nice things or Lovingly Internalizing Savouring Thoroughly and Engulfing Nice thoughts or Leaving Inner self to Sail beyond  Thoughts Emotions and the Nexus of  any senses or Lingering In  Silent Trance and be Engulfed in Neutral state or Learning the Importance of Silence Through Enlightened Nonplussed state of being or Letting the Intellect to Sieve Through Enormous sounds and select Nice ones.

I have found that the word Listen like the word Love has acquired a huge carapace of connotations according to different contexts and has graduated from Lucid Initial auditory or Sound Tracing Ears followed by Nutation [ nodding the head] it has Lend Itself  Seemlessly into Thought provoking Enquiries into Noumenon [object or event that is known (if at all) without the use of the senses]

So, naturally I was thrilled and tempted to Learn more, Inquire further, Search in detail, Track its connotations, Enlist its metamorphosis and Net in its many manifestations. In short I meandered through the many paths of the connotations of the word Listen like a river. Let me take you all into that wonderful journey.

Several paragraphs and verses with acronym of the word LOVE here:

On BOOKS here


These are not ,of course confined to English alone, in Sanskrit in this century one scholar from Kanchipuram wrote some 6o years back which I would rate as the best ever palindrome possible on earth.

It has 60 slokas or couplets when you read them from beginning to end you get the biography of Rama and when you read it from end to beginning in reverse you get the biography of Lord Krishna.

I got special permission to share it free on net by anyone read here:-
Best palindrome in the world is in Sanskrit language in the book raghavayadaveeyam see link you can download pdf format

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