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Saturday, September 17, 2016

India needs these

I like his columns and I am an avid reader of all the above mentioned newspapers and magazines along with others.

In fact I have conducted some programs with Chandan Mitra in Delhi, a very articulate and sensible person.

My only request being ‘India Facts Research’ is to go beyond art, culture, traditions, religious practices, scriptures and in addition also highlight the geological wonders and wealth that this nation posses in nature and also cull out the immense talents and skills of many individuals and ensure to first have a complete and comprehensive data followed by institutional action plan.

I am doing it in my small way both because the synergy of all these strengths of Bharath Mata can definitely make India into a great super power.

We may respect symbolic gestures in praise of our traditions by some foreigners and get high and we may revel in the refrain of our past glory.

However, life is lived in the present with pleasant purple pages of the past as reference which act as pride of ancestry and hope for the future.

So, we need to prepare for a life in future for a glorious well organized systematic and methodical models for future development.

Probably make a brief but comprehensive map for each district of India this will be useful for administration, politics, security, tourism and many other businesses.

For example I made a few started with Andra when it was undivided, then one by one districts of TN

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