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Thursday, September 1, 2016

GM-pro-GM and anti-GM

GM-pro-GM and anti-GM

Problem is extremism from all the pro GM and anti GM groups.

We can neither avoid GM totally nor technological solutions but must look into the trade off.

We must stop prescribing aspirin for regular and repetitive headaches caused by brain tumor.

We cannot address today's enormous population generated consumption pressure with yesterday's techniques.

However, we cannot compromise all natural resources meant for posterity.

Simply explained this sort of compromising is not only a question of ethics but also about recognizing that we are part of our environment and environment is also part of us and that all species live in an interconnected way where active damage in any aspect of  life forms has a rippling effect or sometimes a cascading effect.

What is needed here as in every sphere of activity is a balanced approach of scientific and technological usage in tune with nature without causing excessive damage and ensuring to take into consideration multiple scientific parameters of all species rather than merely addressing the whole gamut of nature and its resources as if earth is merely human-centered planet.

Unbroken ground is a wonderful and comprehensive stuff in a single documentary worth the time

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