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Thursday, September 15, 2016


I happen to read this article and then felt like putting forth certain fundamental flaws in approach

What is culture? The highly misused and misinterpreted term why?

We suffer due to lack of proper definition and misappropriation rather than appropriation.

Too much of assigning labels, getting imprisoned in the identity cages created by these through ideological and emotional appeals along with sensationalistic frenzy supplied by mass opinion molding industry of vested interest groups, lobbies, ideology marketers, victimhood  peddlers, many  other zealots and mafias who define what is moral and what is immoral; what is religious and what is not; what is important and what is not; they invariably mask everything with scriptural or chosen ideological justifications or  excuses of traditions.

They do not realize that in the process they are not only making a mockery of everything human and humane and also blocking the psychological evolution of humanity.

Here I would like to share two links one obviously an attempt to define culture, not traditional practices or arts confined to any particular geographical zone [which have their own beauty and benefits] or practices pertaining any specific religion [which have their own justifications and significance] or practices of certain ideological outfits [which have their own claims to  greatness] but what everyone fails to notice is that there is no panacea nor any single global spectacle which can be classified as a global culture however much every outfit may try to homogenize.

Variety manifests itself and always awaits only harmonizing bends and not homogenizing trends.

Nature needs synthesis not mere thesis or traditions.

Culture and its multiple facets

Identity veneration and ideology peddling the great stumbling blocks preventing Unity

Definitions –the need for them

When clear cut definitions are not there, then this is what happens

What many things could actually be…

Panacea – nothing is a panacea for all human problems

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