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Monday, September 26, 2016

Humanitarianism is a great discipline

Self restraint either out of fear or love or innately along with awareness of social responsibilities as one among the many of the same species living together and a sense of humanitarian concern promoted as an important ingredient and inculcated as the most important component of all types socio or religious or cultural morals are enough to ensure sane behavior and not necessarily parades, pellets and bullets.

The mistake is because no religion or culture prioritizes humanitarian concerns like compassion and care as much as it does towards performing rituals and doing worship or adopting specific attires and other extraneous things.

Education also fails to teach children their social obligations and rights.

If these two important institutions namely religious preaching and practices and social education emphasis on humanitarian behavior, then, awareness based social responsibility and individual restraint will automatically creep in or seep in at subconscious level and stop unleashing many types of  insane behaviors.

All the social psychologists are aware of these but unfortunately in all social systems religion, culture and tradition dominate.

Of what use is all our talk of all tall philosophy if we cannot share water, we cannot allow vehicles from other state registration within India to ply hassle free and if we cannot donate at least all unused things to the deprived and so on.

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