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Monday, September 26, 2016

Social media versus main stream media mafia

Social media trumping paid and prejudiced news

Mr.Chidanand Rajghatta’s particular write up ‘RBI change an example of politics trumping good governance’ in TOI page 16 Chennai edition dated 21st June reveals the sub conscious anger and fear of wound and worry that worthy news through social media [‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ ]replaces willful misrepresentation by main stream media.

So desperate that MSM that they do not miss any opportunity to show their disgust for this social media trumping paid and prejudiced news.

Jealousy driven, frustration filled club of media mafia who lived in the sanctuary of comfort where they felt that peddling lies, opinions , twisted presentation of news with hidden agenda of provocation were their sole preserve.

Their only qualification being misinterpreting, misquoting and maligning their chosen targets with impunity and worse still gloated over their status of mass opinion molders.

These media channel room heroes, in some cases Romeos thought that their sanctuary will never be invaded by any force and they could burn anyone or any truth or fact in their toxic gas chambers of Left or paid patrons’ ideology.

Unfortunately they have been upset by unexpected technology which enabled people to capture facts in real time and also vent their views on various dimensions of any issue so they call this force of social media users as ‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ as this echo is gradually silencing the 24/7 news channel cacophony.

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