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Monday, December 15, 2014

TMK and his tricks

Every music season TMK decides to do something other than rendering a good , complete concert. Last year he ensured publicity through a book before December and this year 'One with Music' He desperately wants to position himself in the carnatic music space by all other means.                                  

 DR. Sunder, Anil Srinivasan, Ramji Isai Mazhai Ramji have been doing more to spread knowledge of music and for a longer period of time but  they are not cheap publicity seekers like TMK nor do they get that publicity. 

On TMK, I wish he comes out of his outdated ideological cage of left over Indian leftist group, stops desperately seeking publicity than providing something useful; talk and write less [both of which expose his half baked knowledge and full blown ignorance] and instead concentrate seriously and sincerely in music and attempt to perfect it rather than publicize his perversions. Unfortunately we are a very tolerant public and get carried away by publicity and people like TMK capitalize on that.  It is a pity people call him eccentric genius etc .  

I have had very pleasant personal experiences with some very great eccentric geniuses  like Veenai Balachander who took me to task and 
​I ​
ended up learning something very valuable. Madurai Somu , I have been a witness to one of his most remarkable extempore composition which no carnatic musician at present , except Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna can even attempt to do. 

Here are the reasons why I take on TMK 

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