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Monday, December 15, 2014

Enemy Within

Fanatic fringes of an ideology can be your worst opponent without being a declared enemy.

1.     Though over generalization and over simplification are not good for political analysis, especially in the present day. Still, I feel, in the interest of the nation’s march towards its much promised and procrastinated [over six decades] path towards economic development, positive business promoting activities, enhancing educational opportunities and facilities [especially higher education whereby we can control huge money going out of the country to foreign universities], creating more employment, alleviating poverty etc.

2.     It would be advisable to keep all ideological affinities [especially those that are not going to contribute directly to any of the above causes] in abeyance and bring them to the limelight after we achieve at least 40% of the predominant promises and pertinent expectations.

3.     Even otherwise getting wedded to any ideology will trap us into identity cages and we will automatically slip into status quo addicts with mental fixations.

4.     At last the country is having a leader with good intentions, great dreams and a vision and we have got the nation’s image globally uplifted.

5.     We must either ignore or silence anything that or anyone who causes hurdles to this i.e. delivering the preferred and prioritized agenda which has triggered the hopes of millions of our youth and on which hinges the very lives of not only many Indians but also many citizens, businessmen, traders  of many other countries.

6.     Because the trade off for promoting any ideology at the cost of all these is neither good nor must be allowed to dominate.

7.     Reality check and unbiased feedback are two most important
factors that can polish any manager or leader much more than
a team of ‘yes men’ or ‘ideologically glued bunch of operators’
and it becomes all the more important when there are leaders with
great visions, mega dreams, creative ideas and an urgency
to carry out everything with a missionary zeal.

8.     Such leaders cannot be expected to pay attention to micro details
of execution, then, they will lose lot of their focus, energy and time
in that. But, unfortunately, very often the team does not think or operate
at the same wave length as the leader. It is at such junctures that
unbiased feedback like the one last week from Arun Shourie becomes
all the more imperative.

9.     Mahatma Gandhi had enough wisdom when he suggested that Congress [old one] must be dismantled once it’s primary purpose of getting together to get freedom was achieved because he knew that a group of people will clutch on to the scaffolding even when the construction is over as they survived and gained importance only because they made the scaffolding or feel comfortable only with their position on scaffolding.

10.  Any ideology, ism or doctrine is at best a scaffolding to achieve something or enjoy or experience or enlighten life. They are the means and not the end.

11.  We can always keep the scaffolding ready for the next construction but must not be clinging onto the scaffolding without trying to get inside the building and start living.

12.  We must keep at bay all the ideological outfits and more so, its fanatic fringes out of the range or ask them to keep quiet, otherwise they can be your worst opponent without being a declared enemy.

13.  People who get wedded to any ideology suffer from certain syndromes with which they have developed a long standing relationship that they find it to be their one only comfort zone [ please note that I am not saying it is right or wrong] wish people read the  book- Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Paperback – 26 Dec 2007 by Carol Dweck and very well analyzed here

14.  When scaffoldings become props for parasites and pests then they must be thrown away.

15.  Modern governance is too complicated to devote time and energy in entertaining sentimental attachments to ideology.

16.  We need to both carefully choose our relationships as well as know how far to get involved in any relationship based on contexts and priorities.

17.  A strong leader should not allow himself to be distracted by fanatical fringes of the any ideological status quo addicts or conservative crooks or self proclaimed moralists or social engineers keen on homogenizing a plural and pleasant cultural atmosphere. Then it is in no way different from a leader who was a puppet who did not have the freedom to take any decisions because in both cases it is a supra governmental authority which exercises more control over the reins of power.

18.  Using ideologically wedded crowd to come to power was an important step; it must be a step but not a stop.

19.  Everything in any process of growth is just a step, important and inevitable, but not a stop. It is so with mother’s milk [our biological aspect of life]; it is so with learning of alphabets, words and numbers [our intellectual aspect of life]; it is so with hugging, kissing and cajoling as babies [our emotional aspect of life]; it is so with our learning and understanding of different concepts [ our philosophical aspect of life]; it is so with all forms of worship, devotion and all its concomitant rituals and religious practices [ our spiritual life] and so on. This is the inherent wisdom. A normal human being has to go through a process to grow in everything or into something but ultimately grow out of it. []

20.  After all everything has an expiry date, including our mortal life.

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