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Sunday, December 7, 2014


Every event, issue, personality as portrayed in many epics have depicted the historical contexts, authors’ imaginations, intellectual interpretations of human activities, character analysis, psychological reactions, general human gullibility, prevailing socio- cultural tradition of the region and predominant ideologies etc.

Mahabharatha has a few more unique components. Besides all the above referred portrayals, it also sandwiches many high philosophical concepts and esoteric truths among its many events or slides them through the characters. In addition to the contextually relevant /justifiable activities it also has universally applicable principles and eternally valuable lessons for life in general rather than specific contexts alone. These I feel are the superiority of Mahabahartham and Ramayanam and therefore are subjected to multiple methods of intellectual analysis.

Of course some areas may have hyper exaggerations whose veracity cannot be established because of the sheer antiquity of the events, lack of documentary evidence; In some cases even lack of historical proof and predominance of metaphysics rather than advanced  science of physics etc.

You may choose and follow this link to listen to many discourses

and also this young chap Dushyanth Sridhar who speaks really very well

and on many Vaishnanava literature by Zakir Hussein another youngster and a student of chitra vishweswaran , in fact, krishna gana sabha organizes one month long pravachanams by him every year.

Besides, of course, the interpretations of many aspects of mahabharatham by Chinmayananda, sri aurobindo, Osho, sivananda,Rohit Metha [lessor known but great personality whom I had the fortune of meeting in person and talking on several issues because he was the heady mix of two ideological extremes of the pendulum , for, he a Founder of the Socialist party of India and Secretary of the International Theosophical Society and not only that he could correlate many philosophical interpretations with his extraordinary memory] he delves into  the esoteric aspects of Gita etc.

Coming back to mahabharatha, bhawad geetha with its distilled wisdom of many philosophical concepts, like a breezy knock by Vivian Richards masking the great innings of Greenidge or Desmond Haynes, relegates the many other parts of mahabharatha into relatively lesser significance.
I read 12 commentaries on bhawad geetha by these stalwarts and thought a better way to convey them would be through a very brief account of the essence of philosophy contained in Bhagawad geetha here [ not what I follow or fully accept as a reference manual for my life but what the text revealed to me as it is]
and some others like

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