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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Open letter to UN and world leaders


Let UN declare 2015 as Year of Fight Against Terrorism.

I am writing this with a heavy heart and tears drenching my key board.

Of what use is a referee if he cannot stop violators?

The game of life as demarcated and defined by nations has appointed a referee called UN with a great consensus, greater power and huge funding.

If this international referee UN is not mandated to control and take punitive actions against violators in the form terrorist outfits irrespective of religious, national identities then we do not need such referee.

This type of frequent terrorist attacks against unarmed civilians and holding innocent children as hostage is against the rules of human life.

So UN must create a global army which must be mandated to trace the hide outs of all these terrorist outfits in any country holed up inside any place , even if it is the most revered or sacred religious place , either with or without the consent of the nations where such activities are to be taken up. Incidentally,  the whole world knows in which countries and which groups are involved in these, and wipe them off ruthlessly, unmindful of any hue and cry about human rights societies and paid media publicity supporting these terrorists.

The nations which independently take up these terrorist weeding out operations must be given assistance by UN and awarded the UN Peace Prize.

Let all nations use helicopters, missiles and drones within their own territory against these potential terrorist outfits.

Why the whole world is silent about Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, leaders of ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Maoists in India etc?

Let UN take this activity on a war footing, empower nations to do it themselves and monitor it with its international team to ensure that those in power do not misuse these powers.
If UN wishes it can be done within a month’s time.

I think all sane leaders from all nations will join in this venture irrespective of all dynamics of international politics and treaties. It is a new crisis and requires a new approach. Greater the crisis and damage swifter must be the response.

All conferences with high flown speeches without concrete action to protect human life is a sheer waste.

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