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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Arun Shourie

This man, Arun Shourie, never minces his words or proceeds with preconceptions but analysis everything and everyone purely on merits based on facts and never bothers about making bold statements. A rare journalist different from all the  paid media personnel and low profile politician who does not prioritize  making politically correct statement​s over what is essential and important for the economic development of the society.

​Read his interview and every statement of his is very correct may be inconvenient to many and spilling unpleasant truths.​

We need such critical analysts who analyze issues profoundly rather than give opinions to merely please the bosses or pander to an ideology or perch on a particular position.

Reality check and unbiased feedback are two most important factors that can polish any manager or leader much more than a team of ‘yes men’ or ‘ideologically glued bunch of operators’ and it becomes all the more important when there are leaders with great visions, mega dreams, creative ideas and an urgency to carry out everything with a missionary zeal.

Such leaders cannot be expected to pay attention to micro details of execution because then they will lose lot of their focus, energy and time in that. But, unfortunately, very often the team does not think or operate at the same wave length as the leader. It is at such junctures that unbiased feedback like this one from Arun Shourie becomes all the more imperative.

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