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Sunday, November 7, 2021



Life must prioritize peace, happiness, certain amount of personal freedom, time, comfort, space, equal opportunities for major aspects of life like education, health care and economic prosperity and allow similar conducive atmosphere for all to create or to lead to social harmony.


Anyone or any group which is a stumbling block for long will be either given strict warning or harsh treatment or when it reaches a saturation point will crumble on its own or lose its relevance and will be forced to realign or regroup to survive.


  A to Z of priorities for our nation




Best actions that


Development of

Economy and education;

Foster fantastic

Growth and

Help to




Leverage on



Opportunities for

Progress and prosperity to

Quench the few


Starving population of our nation;

Tolerance and

Unities are eternal

Values of

Wisdom of our culture without any

Xenophobic ill will;

Youthful spirit of our nation must enable us to


Zoom into future as the greatest nation.



to Z of methods of executing those priorities.



Best practices of

Corruption free

Delivery of

Economic benefits with

Financial discipline; and

Governance to

Help generate

Inclusive growth and

Job creation

Keeping in mind

Labor welfare;

Meanwhile ensuring

Nature and environmental protection;

Operations of all measures through

Procedures, processes and

Quantifying all

Resources through

Systems in place and synergize with

Transparency and taking in 


Vital aspects of

Welfare state with

X-axial growth and relationship with all

Yielding benefits that enable our nation to

Zoom into the zenith of prosperity. 


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