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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Perspectives wide range in general


Money, wealth, things, products everything we see from human and humane perspective and evaluation.


Though these may not be good enough because from a larger perspective universe is not earth centric and earth is not human centric (every species and creature has its own right and space).


However, even from human perspective everything gets prioritised by ' value' hidden in the term ' evaluation' in terms of any one or some of these:-



Trade off,

Transactional acceptance,

Inherent values,

Intrinsic values,

Contextual relevance or importance based value,

Environmental impact based (posterity needs an environment),

Momentary value/utility,

Long-lasting value/utility,

Micro level utility/value,

Macro level utility/value,

Regional values/acceptance,

Economic priorities,

Political, cultural, traditional, religious acceptances,

Global acceptance etc.


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