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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Ideal India as a 21st Century Global leader needs the following

Ideal India as a 21st Century Global leader needs the following:-:-

Administrative reforms enabling delivery of reformed administration;

Business promoting environment and environment protecting business activities;

Care for country and its culture and carefully connect the whole country digitally and socially;

Deliver all needs for development to develop the lives of all the needy;

Economic development and education be prioritized and educate all to prioritize economic development;

Financial discipline to fuel economic functions and discipline and economy in financing functions;

Governance to ‘Getting India back on Track’ and track and get Indians’ perspective back to governance;

Humaneness, honesty and hospitality are our heritage and honestly and humanely let us be hospitable;

Incorporate institutions to operate in the nation and not nationalize institutions and corporations;

Join the journey of nation’s development and watch many nations journey towards us for many reasons;

Kindly keep surroundings clean and be clear to be surrounded by kindness;

Life is short and love is great and loving all lives is greatest goodwill of short life;

Multiculturalism is the natural course of our country and lobbies manipulate it as the curse to this country;

Nature has blessed us with abundant resources and nurturing it properly must be part of our nature;

Oppose all anti-national activities but do not develop opposing as a national activity;

Present livelihood can’t rely only on past glory but scripted by story of economic development now;

Quest limitlessly for prosperity and knowledge but never limit knowledge or lessen prosperity;

Required belief and religious duty is to respect all religions and beliefs;

Sensitize all towards socially beneficial activities but do not selectively sensationalize sensitive issues;

Transact with transparency taking public interest and do not transact with interest in taking public funds;

Unleash potential of all towards prosperity of all rather than unleashing all for prosperity of someone;

Variety and unity has been the identity of India’s culture and not culture of identity projection and peddling;

Wisdom is in bequeathing a livable planet, a lovable society and lovely infrastructures;

X-ray into and connect with all great global activities rather than resorting to xenophobic seclusion; 

Youth need economic prosperity and not incubation in divisive politics and victimhood projections;

Zoom ahead as a super power with glorious performance and global concerns and commitments.


But India’s Problem is









Along with media mafia.

                    We need to reiterate our                             


Perspective- that we have

Usage – which we put to

Relationship- how we relate 

Pertinent – proportionate trade off

Outcome- desired result

Synergizing and

Enhancing life in its totality or in specific realm.


Utilization of

Resources with

Perspective of

Operating to

Synergize with situational/


Exigencies/ relevance.


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