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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Brief journey of civilization and Present psychology of Youth


Present psychology of Youth

Times have changed everything happens fast, so people don’t have patience. Quick results and quick fix solutions are needed for people while long term plans can go on simultaneously.

Difference between past and present

We all know that nothing can destroy Hinduism [history is a witness to that] and the consciousness of Bharathiya values will also live for ever.


However, instead of destruction the inimical forces can make life difficult and create a dent in the collective consciousness through constant paid media narratives.

Brief journey of civilization.


In very simplistic terms the earliest known periods of civilization human beings had less communication, less information, less knowledge, more brutality, more animalistic  life style with little to care about the requirements of resources for usage and survival;


It was followed by greedy instinct to have and to possess more resources and areas leading to too many silly wars; followed by collective emotional entertainments leading to many traditional and cultural art forms;


Followed by urge to communicate leading to reduction in number of languages so that more people could be communicated to;


Followed by fear of the unknown aspects of life leading to creation of many gods, gods out of heroic and exemplary figures, religions and rituals;


Followed by parleys into experimenting with different social systems/political systems to live together with justifiable contribution to and share from the resources;


Followed by scientific discoveries and technological innovation to enhance understanding and help living and life, away from and besides the clutches of religions and traditions;


Followed by the recent centuries of dominance based on initially economic and commercial prosperity which are venerated as the real GODS of modern age and to achieve this by various means at national levels through discoveries of more resources and raw materials useful for human life, through real industrialization, improved and increased agricultural production, through encouraging innovations in technology and so on or  through dominance by military power trying to loot readymade where these things are available  and at  individual level trying to equip oneself in the best possible manner to decently survive in this rat race of achieving economic and commercial prosperity.


This is of course definitely only one aspect of life, i.e. merely survival aspect of life but a vital aspect of social living which needs to be prioritized. 


Of course, everyone knows that there is a larger aspect of life i.e. living aspect of life with cherishing time tested values, appreciating aesthetic aspects of culture, importance of certain traditions and so on. This involves thyaga, gnana, artha, karma,dharma ,seva which are imparted through various aspects of our religious traditions and organisations like RSS , VHP etc.


The march of civilization through all these various stages have produced in its stride many collateral damages and incidental benefits and has also thrown up excellent exponents in various areas of life.


One of the collateral damage of the predominant factor of present age, namely economic and commercial prosperity, is competition in all walks of life and therefore comparison which cannot be wished away.


Though we can always choose not to be affected and/or influenced by it or try our best and vie with the rest to become the best. Choice is always ours.



There is a famous simple saying which says Common sense prevails over everything else and common sense is to know what is most expected of you as a species to survive best. 



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