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Monday, June 21, 2021

Anti ​-​West​ attitude is becoming an empty and impractical neo​-​snobbishness

Mass frenzied anti ​-​West​ attitude is becoming an empty and impractical neo​-​snobbishness. 

Everything boils down to atoms, molecules, particles etc. Where these molecules/ atoms with their chemical structure/ coding / composition originate from and what processes are required to make them into the following few main aspects:-

1. Universally available
2. Easily consumable and gets ingested into the system and reaches the part of the body where it is required.
3. Offer maximum relief/ remedy with minimum side effects.

All over the world for type 2 diabetes there is only medicine called metformin which comes with various brand names with different combinations.

This is extracted basically from a plant. Similarly, the basic medicine for BP is from a plant.

Having said these the chemicals​ ​in Fenugreek or lady's finger may be very good for health but to get enough potency of those chemicals to give appropriate effect to the body requires increasing the potency. What one may get from eating one kg of Fenugreek one may get in a tablet. The processes that increase the potency matter a lot.

It is like saying kanchipuram idli is the best rice item. From cooked rice ( saadham ) the momo / kozhukotai exterior to kozhama upma to arisi upma all are made out of rice. The processes that go to make different edible stuff out of these decide the shape, taste, purpose etc.

So, all these hyperbolic debates  against allopathy are plain stupidity.

Even all these anti​- allopathy campaigners when they have a fracture or heart attack need to resort to only allopathic treatment.

At the same time other alternative systems are not to be ridiculed. But they have limitations in fulfilling all the three factors indicated earlier.

Of late, there is this excess of noise in favor of our system of medicine, gurukul education over Macaulay's etc.

India has a ​student ​population of some 45 crores. So, one may need at least 30 crore Gurukuls, when we are struggling to provide even 30 thousand proper educational institutions. Certain things may have reached their expiry date for a reason to adopt some new things to synergistically move ahead in life especially in a globalized environment.

Certain old systems may have worked well in the remote past but may not be suitable now. 

I think this mass frenzied anti ​-​West​ attitude is becoming an empty and impractical neo​-​snobbishness. 


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