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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Vegetarianism and animals

Philip Wollen: Animals should be off the menu debate

I have listened to it many times and every time it stirs up one's emotions.

Every time, we can feel the way he delivers his speech with real concern and the gory details send​​ chills down our spine. 

Rewinding any habit his tough, we may not have consciously opted to have them but we may have imbibed them through our years innocent childhood, impressionable and vulnerable years of adolescence, enforced ignorance due to letting our minds crawl in the caves of certain societal pressures which go around under various labels like good disciplined life, very adjusting ( read as compromise and hypocrisy), obedient faithful follower of traditions etc.

To start with we did not choose our birth or the environment or the cultural milieu. 

But the sign of growth and maturity is to observe the world around and try to understand it from various perspectives and  experience it as it is  rather than try to perceive it through ideologically ( be they religious, political, economic, cultural, psychological) indoctrinated interpretations and justifications ( called as brain washing or character building). 

Real scholars are those who manage to have such experiences, live by what they learn and feel honestly and more importantly express eloquently and share such experiences to create an impact which stirs the hearts and brains of a few, who can rethink and rewind certain habits. Make slight micro modifications which can collectively lead to some change. 

I have been collecting a mixture of  info from  various domains in the form of biographies of individuals, inventions, ideas, institutions, issues that have impacted the world.

They could be a single encounter , a small incident, a single speech, a single institution, a single idea. 

This speech is one such.

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