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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

MAP of Life

1. Life cannot be caged and lived through any single ideology/system /concept or philosophy however great and accommodative it may be.

2. Life is just a part of the churn of the planet where all species live their own way but humans seek special privileges and make a big fuss presuming that the planet is human centric.

MAP of life draws  the atlas of living, i.e. 


Attitude and 


We draw our borders through our limited frames of references and define our nationality through some ideological identities. 

3. There is no panacea nor permanent trends or taboos but only contextually relevant rational and humanitarian approaches which can make us enjoy living without much of inhibition, without creating unnecessary divisions, as far as possible , without harming or injuring others physically and mentally, and most importantly without damaging the environment .

4. Chronologically life is mortal and it is just a part of evolution.

5. The human mind at best can transcend classifications and divisions in the form of or name of nationalities, ideologies of all sorts [ religious, political, economic, class, race, gender, linguistic, cultural, regional etc.] .

6. Being mortal it has to live through all sorts of ever changing choices and decisions  prioritizing based on contextual relevance.

7. However, despite that the human mind at times delivers too many theories, concepts and ideas  trying to grasp and to explain absolute and eternal truths or values.

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