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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Importance of information

 The most famous definition of information is, "a difference which makes a difference".( In the book Life in the Universe).

In present day warfare, more than equipment, information is more important, perhaps, it has always been for any real achievement in any field. However, how we interpret, understand and use that information may vary.

Information, in this context of conflicts, between two nations, involves first accepting factually what are one's strengths, weaknesses and then taking practical positions. This one can be sure of at least 90 % whereas, information about the adversary culled from various sources, may not be that much.

Importance of information can never be underestimated. This is where the constant surveillance mechanism of Israel and the USA have an advantage.
Broadly, and in general, scientifically, information is of two kinds one that is universal like ' laws of gravity, motion etc'( " Information begins with the laws of physics,the basic operating system of our universe" followed by the dynamic and evolving aspects of biology and chemistry most of which may decoded and explained through mathematical patterns) the other information is one that keeps arising to adopt to more complex and changing circumstances, like different natural environments ( even the law of gravity is different in different planets and some parts of the earth itself) and socio-cultural systems.

That's why the philosopher Daniel Dennett even says​​ ,"Animals are not just herbivores or carnivores . They are ....informavores". "In fact all living organisms consume information and use different mechanisms to use that information".

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