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Monday, June 21, 2021

Theories can get into a great pool of uncertain depths as Fritjof Capra

In my opinion any wild academic and theoretically woven concepts are hypothetical conjectures at best, but backed by authentic scientific principles. 

However, it is tricky to predict how evolution spans out and moves ahead. 

It  is too complex to be confined by any oversimplified concept or idea irrespective of whether they emanate from religion or politico economic ideas or scientific theories, the last one may be accepted as the nearest possible blueprint to what may unfold as it is based on certain fundamental principles which are universally applicable and objectively observable.

Most of these theories are, even to those who study the subject in detail, can throw them into a great pool of uncertain depths as Fritjof Capra writes often.  For example:-

1906 JJ Thomson gets Nobel prize for Physics for saying electrons are particles.

1933 Schrodinger gets Nobel  prize for Physics for stating for stating we can't  know what state or place an atomic particle is in until it is observed which means they ( particles) could have been , hypothetically, in all states and places till then 

1937 G.P. Thomson son of JJ Thomson gets Nobel prize for physics for saying that they are Waves

Thus for, so good. At least science is willing to accept the nuances that exist beyond even some of the experimentally well proven  theories and to change to new positions.

Whereas, the adherents of religious sermons and scriptures and political ideologies think that what they know and they follow are the ' one and only truth or best path', even when they are exposed squarely about their inadequacies.  

So, everyone following or belonging to any system of social upbringing must realize that there is no single best meaning or definition or way of perceiving life and its meanings or interpreting them with axiomatic certitude. 

All aspects of life, like the planet in which it is living, is always moving, though imperceptible to us.

I feel it is ridiculing the importance of certain inventions especially microscope and telescope when people say, our seers, knew it, even when those instruments were not there ( well very laudable ESP, imaginations which took centuries to be deciphered as a actual facts or which turned out to be real facts), especially when written or spoken in a tone and tenor demeaning the importance of those inventions. 

Without the invention of  a microscope, we won't know the forests and species that are on our skin.

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