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Friday, September 28, 2018

Venkataprasanna chathurvedi on bio energy

1. This person speaks on invitation.

2. Delivers lectures on a wide range of topics like a specialist.

3. In fact Abdul Kalam made it a point to tell many premier institutes of science to arrange a lecture of this person be it soil science or biochemistry or atomic science.

4.By his appearances and personal choices many may think he is one more religious preacher.

5. Of course he is undoubtedly a great master in spiritual science.

6. He delivers his lectures like a tirade and his speech is too fast connecting many subjects making a synergy in frequency in most lectures but if one bothers to listen there will be lot of substance and coherence. 

7. He is not preachy but gets across the importance of intrinsic values and values the importance of everything.

8. Unfortunately, there are not many records of his lectures or transcripts or books.

9..His erudition on a wide range of subjects is extraordinary.

10. He was unnecessarily forced into controversies.

11. If you can allot solid 2 hours without any preoccupation you may listen to this lecture given to doctors and a wide range of healers.

12. In every speech of his, irrespective of the topic, you end up learning many things which you may want to try out in your personal life.

13. Listen this lecture and if time permits one may also read one rare transcript made with lot of gramnatical errors but still worth reading for the content.

14. I had the opportunity of staying with him for two full days at Coimbatore some 20 plus years back, before he became too popular and very busy and highly sought after. I asked him many provocative questions and he gave wondeful answers. But now I wonder whether his disciples would even let me near him.

15. Best part is he talks with same fluency in Sanskrit, English, Tamil and Telugu.

16.Lecture on bio-energy and spirituality in 2008

17. Transcript of his speech given some 15 years back

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