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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Ramana Maharishi

Shri Ramana Maharishi

He lived in a realm far far beyond the mind- space-time conundrums and must have had a direct communion with life's innermost recesses relinking with some divine or greater source.

Therefore, it is beyond the understanding of ordinary mortals and defies the scrutiny of even the best intellectual attempts.

This observation is not some stereotyped religiously impelled reverence based deification ( which many do mechanically) or intellectual admiration while reading or listening to someone ( which I do often), but in the case of Ramana Maharishi if one is luckily destined, one could experience some indescribable feeling while reading about him.

I had this experience which jolted me and made me go crazy and question many things about life around me, fortunately or unfortunately, it was confined to my inner introspection.

This happened precisely in 94 to 95 when after my eye operation, someone came to meet me and gave 8 books of Ramana Maharishi and another 12 about Ramana Maharishi and I read all of them within a span of one month.

It taught me a few things and chief among them were equanimity is the most important aspect to face life and not to allow any external actions or reactions to upset one's sense of intrinsic values that one must internalize and live by.

To an ordinary mortal like me it is clear that it is not a mere peep beyond the horizon of intellect or even a conscious leap with courage of conviction beyond the realm of reason.

It may be some inexplicable push from an unknown source that just happen.

For our easy reference we may label it as intuition bla bla. 

For Ramana Maharishi it was a real experience of death and he relived a life of enlightened awareness.

Definitely some biological changes do take place as even J. KRISHNAMURTHY keeps on writing about an unbearable back pain andchead ache in his diaries.

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