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Friday, September 28, 2018

How to approach topics

Sir it is by me or rather should I say through me.

Given below are a dozen links with many sublinks that would give an idea as to how and why I approach a topic and how I go about it.

The first 10 give you an idea as to why I do what I do with biographies starting with a framework of my approach to biography followed by 5 biographies.

Then why I write, how terminologies and topics are interrelated and what a writer preferably must be.

Followed by why I choose to write only about a select few unique leaders in some fields and defining what leadership is all about.

Last two have too many sublinks but they are like complete package tours which must motivate one to think about many aspects.

One is about meaning of life and another realization of reality.

These last two require lot of time.

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