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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Paradoxical situations

While most of us uneasily live through paradoxical and contradictory statements and situations, can we really do anything about them other than getting irritated or having a friction?

It is very true , unfortunately , some of us or many of us at some times do not have the luxury of carrying on only with activities or tasks that align with our true self [ I presume by that certain things or factors that synchronize with our inherent interests and intrinsic attributes].

So, it becomes imperative that we learn along with unbiased observation [if at all whenever it is possible ] and awareness based on that to develop attitudes and perspectives to learn to align with everything around through any of the multiple processes , not necessarily in that order like tolerance, appreciation, acceptance, interest, involvement, assimilation, permeating totally and so on.

This enlightens us to avoid making divisions out of dichotomies; avoid viewing inherent polarities as paradoxes and so on.

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