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Friday, August 25, 2017

Understanding the secret meaning? What is the meaning of meaning?

                                   Understanding the secret meaning?

                                    What is the meaning of meaning?

Once we fully understand something and know the meaning, then it is no more a secret.

Every idea or hypothesis is an interesting stuff with all the multitude of probabilities with varying degrees of vagueness, doubts and many other aspects of uncertainties which move around in style, under many lofty labels, like mysteries, esoteric aspects, something higher that the existing human faculties cannot fathom and so on, till empirical evidences or facts knocks off all these lofty labels down.

A lot depends on our perspective and frames of reference based understanding and interpretation of symbolic representation and deciphering everything based on intrinsic relevance.

Often even the slightly difficult to understand philosophical concepts and ideas are intentionally masked by abstract or ambiguous linguistic expressions, intricate rituals and symbols, esoteric symbols etc to ensure that even if  people do not understand they must not misunderstand it because every misunderstanding intellectually is like misusing physically.

To drive this point I can give a very crude example. A very sharp surgical knife gets into the hand of a ward boy near an operation theater, since he is not a surgeon but he tries to use it and slightly pierces into his chest, imagine the consequence.

Intrinsic relevance of surgical knife is very important here. It is not merely any other knife.

Having said this if there is a group of people who want to assign the credentials of quality of surgical knife to every sheet of shining metal, then, that would be imaginary extrapolation due to obsession about surgical knifes.

If people get struck in the steps of external symbolism alone then the very purpose of symbolism is killed as primary tools for evolution and emancipation of better understanding by human beings do not happen because they are not subjected to empirical evidence and experience.

The meaning of meaning is beyond the labels of literal, figurative, abstract, logical, rational, and scientific and so on.

The meaning of meaning is in the intrinsic capacity in enhancing the empirical experiences and enlightenment to look beyond the realm of intellect to expand the understanding and happiness quotient of life.

The meaning of meaning may vary from context to context and experience to experience and that’s why there is need for more studies in cultural linguistics to understand the real meaning of many texts.

Everything in life is a step but not a stop

Human beings cannot decipher everything  through intellect alone

Perspectives matter a lot because they define the boundaries of one’s perception

Symbols have their own significance based on their role and relevance but their real value is hidden beneath and beyond them.


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