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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Values, Strategy and Culture

Let us stop marketing the craps through certain terminologies and spoil the actual significance of those terminologies.

In this context terms like values, culture, nature versus nurture and so on.

Except in certain spheres like basic social life connected principles, in every other sphere, values like morals are relative and context specific.

Anyone who is not willing to delegate power, authority and freedom to the talented under any guise or excuse cannot talk about values because that very attitude smacks of lack of trust in others and insecurity to oneself arising out of that which is a valueless activity.

If we observe, some recent events we can know why?

Actually talent spotting and allowing such talent space, time, opportunity and freedom to blossom bring huge dividends to whichever domain wherein such an activity happens.

For example Grahame Smith of South Africa made his debut as captain; Dhoni was handed the captaincy when all great seniors were in the team; See how RSS spotted MODI and opted to make him PM candidate instead of much talked about other 5 to 6 names and see the dividends in all these cases that such talents have brought to the domain.

So, all tall talk of values by people who cannot respect domain specific talent and capabilities, and provide such talent a free environment to blossom for the benefit of all is absolute hypocrisy.

In every sphere whoever the person may be, a lot depends on how that person relates to issues, with others, to new ideas, to emerging trends, to crisis, to competitions, to a wide array of suggestions for the betterment of the sphere of activity etc.

After all every aspect of life is a team work. Everyone must know where their responsibility starts and where their role stops.

In every relationship starting from being a member of a family to being a member of a society to leading a corporate set up or a political party or a nation, everyone has to encounter a hoard of compatibility issues and rarely can even any two persons, worse still many persons, be expected to perfectly fit into all the compatibility parameters operating at same frequency with same degree[s] of intensity.

That’s why learning and adjusting are the never ending lessons of live.

In other words any tradeoff-be it time, trust and toil or power, pelf and position must ensure concomitant mileage to the corporation.

What is culture? And what is corporate culture especially when it is an MNC?

In MNC world you can only define corporate culture which, in over simplistic or very general terms, involves multiple compliances dealing with multiple laws with the help of professionals; satisfying clients; keeping employee/staff morale and happiness in tact; take into confidence all investors, share holders and other stake holders; not causing any anti-social or anti-national activity; not showing undue favoritism to any outsider and so on.

It is not episodes of nature versus nurture but epileptic bouts resulting from bursting selfishness of the inflated egos of Indian business promoters.

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