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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Liberalism- Yes, but self proclaimed Indian Left liberals –No.

Liberalism- Yes, but self proclaimed Indian Left liberals –No.

Leftover LEFT of India is in deep trouble and to cover it up creates deeper troubles.

Leftover LEFT of India at present is no more liberal nor tolerant, nor progressive and all other labels that they have desperately appropriated to themselves.

"I do now, as I ever did, believe in Liberalism; but, there was a rosy time of innocence in my youth in which I believed in Liberals", ~GK Chesterton, 1936.

Hence are aware that they have lost all relevance and are resorting to selective appealing tactics on certain selective issues only against specific target groups who they apprehend may totally deprive them of any little significance left.

To execute this they are misguiding the gullible youth of impressionable age by instigating them to Demonstrations, Rallies, Opposing, Protests, and Sloganeering etc.

So, drop by drop their role DROPS

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