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Friday, March 17, 2017

Political discourse in India needs a relook

Political discourse in India needs a relook- I wish at least some media houses report developmental activities and I can tell you they are equally sensational and may increase the TRP.

Whether we like it or not politics dominates any discourse or the multiple nuisance channels and media houses.

Whether we like it or not the dominant perspective to look at anything is through over politicization.

Whether we like it or not worse still, not only many political parties, so-called leaders, media and influenced by these bunch of opportunistic agenda pushers, many people also project or are eager to generate a politically motivated social engineering, based mostly on the arithmetic of multiple identity based [caste, religious, ideological etc] profiling to garner votes.

It is a good sign that most of the divisive agents and agendas emanating from such perverted thinking are slowly receding to the back ground and many other things which need to be prioritized are starting to show their head out of the shell like a frightened tortoise.

Briefly summarized they are overall economic developmental activities which can generate employment and enhance prosperity leading to better living for all.

Economic development like electricity works for whoever fixes the correct machine they want, whether be it a fan or a tube light and it does not require media projected nomenclatures like inclusive growth’

So, the recent resounding victory, if at all it has done anything is to make people and political parties to rise above out dated perverted profiling to garner votes so let us all refrain from again projecting it as such.

What India needs is lot of ministers and governments that deliver economic development rather than emphasizing only on the arithmetic of multiple identity based [caste, religious, ideological etc] profiling and what type of social engineering can get votes how many votes in which constituencies.

This is a very pathetic perspective to proceed on in 21st Century and an approach which is, fortunately losing its relevance among the educated youth and women both of whom prioritize economic development.

That's why the types of Always Alleging others Parties hopefully may not and must not succeed if India were to progress.

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