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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Can any single ideology arrogate itself to extrapolate everything?

Can any single ideology arrogate itself to extrapolate everything?

Worse still, can that ideology accuse others of whipping up passions?

Provocation and counter justifications crop up whenever things happen different from the readymade stereotyped narratives and profiling scripted by some predominant ideological identity veneration in the main stream media that has, unfortunately appropriated the term liberal.

Predictably these hardcore ideologues tend to extrapolate everything, purely and only, according to their versions of social correctness without the least home work about context and care about sensitivities of the stake holders.

They do it without any qualms  be it art, science, religion, economics, trade, culture, individual learning, independent thinking, aesthetic sensitivity and almost everything under the sky except perhaps reviewing liberally their own ideologically fixation.

Worse still when these provocateurs in chief not only presume that they have the exclusive privilege and prerogative to perpetuate opinions and market news through main stream media [MSM] but also suffer from selective amnesia.

It is good that the huge army of almost omnipresent social media is enabling the larger public aware of other versions of the story and real facts [of course every now and then Social Media too resorts to unverified and unauthenticated panic projections and rumor recreations].

So, ultimately both the stereotyped ideologues of MSM and the high priests of counter ideas are spending most of their time and energy in not doing much productive activities and instead end up using most of it on piling up weapons of attacking propaganda and pillorying by one group and while the other is busy producing protective armors of counter justifications and making tall claims as required proportionate to the provocative attacks and pillorying.

Both keep on enhancing their aggression, appropriations and assigning labels and these activities move on as a never ending extremism from which human race needs reprieve.

Now, you decide who needs to be restrained or ignored?

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