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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Media Superficiality

Don’t walk on the quick sand of Main Stream Media reporting

The modern army of superficial media reporting is an untreated malign cancer operating with keyboard guerrillas and touch screen tormentors

The byways and dead-ends of writing on modern social, economic and political issues and trends get fed by cursory reporting by reporters who neither know much about the issue nor do they bother to do any homework but who are good at creating sensationalism with superficiality.

At the maximum what they do is to google up or wikipediafy for information based on which they pile up more byways and dead-ends and come up with deadly opinions as instructed by their pay masters’ and ideology instructors.

In the process they churn up enough confusing, contradictory, conflicting and controversial statements to dress up their reporting to sound as if they are studying all sides of the issue and are being neutral. 

They make it sound as if they are not projecting anyone openly as wrong but everyone else except them and their group are at fault.

They use multiple logical fallacies carefully crafted to generate a huge army of keyboard guerrillas and touch screen tormentors who generate a forest fire of destruction of social calm and sanity and ultimately try hard to achieve their hidden ideological and cultural agenda as they have lost their space in political arena.

 “I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions”. - Augusten Burroughs .

Sincerity to perform with integrity gets rewarded despite all the tales that main stream media with its army may spin.

So, it is not wise to walk knowingly on the quick sand of media generated stories and take sides on issues unless you have conviction or something to personally gain out of it or you are bothered about the common good of any issue sincerely.

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