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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A to Z of ideological idolatry work model

A to Z of ideological idolatry work model

Arrogantly assigning labels and appropriating credits;

Believing in belittling others’ beliefs;

Callous character assassinations and carefully crafted cultural vilifications;

Designing discontent and dissents to divide human beings;

Extrapolating ideologies selectively in the name of equality;

Fuelling violence and fights against faiths selectively;

Grouping all disgruntled together to groom them into some

Hidden agenda of puerile and petrified

Ideological idolatry that putrefies impressionable minds;

Jumping guns against all developmental activities;

Kindling kind and calm people to agitations to

Leverage on whatever is Left to get a mileage of publicity through

Media manipulations and magnifying disparities to meticulously nurture

Narratives that create stereotyped animosities;

Opinions marketing and over projecting poverty to promote it as a business through

Prejudiced profiling;

Question everyone else except themselves and similar self appointed narrators;

Relegating reasoning to the recesses of

Sensational but senseless pre-scripted slogans and seeking scandals;

Tolerance thrown out to toe in trade unionism type of

Uniformity ensuring vulnerability to propaganda and brain washing;

Victimhood peddling virus vacillating between inane vacuum and vacuous inanity;

Well orchestrated

Xenophobic or xenophilic reactions fabricated to

Yield to and

Zero in on to propagate particular prescribed ideological paeans.

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