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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to strike a balance?

How to strike a balance? Well it is very SIMPLE.

Everything can be made compatible if we perceive the connectivity.

Once we perceive interconnectivity then we will realize that everything is in balance or at least always on auto balancing mode.

Problem crops up when we seeing things only through a frame of reference of dissection and micro analysis.  

In this particular case your question is ‘How to strike a balance between welfare, logic, pragmatism and populism?’

We, I mean all species and most things, either closely or remotely, are all inter related and interconnected according to the level of our sensitivity and perception.

When someone asked Bhagawan sri Ramana Maharishi, “How to behave with others?” Bhagwan Ramana replied, “There are no others?”

By logic, I wish let us not think of verbal theories but simple rational which is humane, humanistic and also holistic and therefore, logically it must factor in the welfare of all which will be the best guaranteed assurance for our own well being and therefore pragmatic and since it involves and includes the welfare of all it has to be the popular ideal and once all these are understood where is the need to going around to strike a balance.

There are forces which try to wedge a divide and create a division everywhere and in everything and propagate it make it as populism and unfortunately some people succumb to media generated labels and profiling and fall a prey.

So better DROP that weakness and understand how the media integrity is leaking drop by drop, I just now finished writing about that. [1]  

I would say it is rather very SIMPLE use the following aspects listed as acronym of SIMPLE without any vague conjectures, presumptions, preconceived notions or doctrines, ideological conditioning etc.

Scientifically proven and rationally acceptable methods;
Intelligently applied approaches devoid of identity affiliation;
Mentally balanced means ensuring humane attitude;
Perspectives which are broader coupled with compassionate perception;
Life enhancing, not merely livelihood assuring, unqualified love based attention;
Environmentally compatible approaches adopted without any extremist positions.

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