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Friday, March 3, 2017

Compulsions and shunning both are wrong.

Compulsions and shunning both are wrong.

While it is good but I think this is not the way to go about it.

Nothing should be made compulsory or deliberately shunned.

The intrinsic values and importance must be briefly explained or made to be felt through incentives, motivations and the way we all in society treat with regard and respect people with certain capabilities, irrespective of their other irrelevant identities-as we do to sports stars, top academicians etc- and that will make/motivate youngsters to emulate them and take up such activities.

But forcing anything through any compulsory fiat may only invite vehement protests and make the whole thing into an issue of television channel debates and may end up counter- productive.

In present day politics there are fields of activities where one must get things done rather than making announcements.

However, this may not be possible in all fields of activities, especially in activities where there are not going to be any immediate, quantifiable and tangible benefit either to the individual or to the society.

Reviving nice things which have been put in the back burner-for whatever reasons by whomsoever- involve very patient and very diplomatic means.
Otherwise, it may be viewed as pushing some agenda either good or bad.

Besides, this is a politically ill- timed move taking into consideration the elections.

Anyway the academic year also starts only after May and so what was the necessity for this haste.

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