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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why case to case different positions are taken.

Why case to case different positions are taken.

1. There is no such thing in socio- legal system as status quo with axiomatic certitude.

2. In every case various aspects are factored in according to the situation/ context [exchange of prisoners to save lives of many high jacked personalities- in every field there are exceptions which are considered with due discretionary powers].

3. In some issues lot of things are decided [like in Cauvery river water dispute] depending on the  parties involved in dispute along with over ignited emotions of many [either with real concern or hidden motives ] and exaggerated controversies along with politicized passions of the public and many more hidden and unknown issues.

4. So normally in such situations it is better to find techniques like delays, diversions till intensity of passions subside and sanity returns.

This is done intentionally so that a solution can be brought about or at least discussed with minimum hurt, damage and a preferably in a  conciliatory atmosphere.

5. Everything cannot be and need not be explained to media or social media.

6. However, everyone has a right to vent their feelings or voice their opinions.
7. This is what silently Vajpayee did when he created 3 new states within a week's time.

8. Whereas, you see what happened in Telangana people who were colleagues and neighbors all of a sudden were made to feel like aliens and enemies speaking the same language.

9. Let us appreciate what Chandrababu Naidu has done in the recent 9 months. He has built a canal to link Krishna River and Godavari River.

He silently solved the problem rather than making it an issue creating loss of lives and property etc.
10. Life's socio- political churning process seems to get struck in identities of various hues and colors

Unfortunately, in the whole world Life's socio- political churning process instead of becoming and being more rational, scientific and humane, seems to get struck in identities of various hues and colors indicating a mindset worse than that of the sixteenth century.

Identity crisis is becoming one of the greatest curses of this century

11.  In ThinkEdu16 conference in concluding session Sri Sri Ravishankar answered spontaneously very well to VC of a university in very simple terms how to avoid irrational depressions due to high expectations and corresponding disappointment.

He used just three very effective words. He said you definitely need 'Passion' to perform effectively but 'Dispassion' to carry on with shortcomings and failures. He said when you succeed in Passion you enjoy, when you have this 'Dispassion' then you do not 'hate yourself' between these two if you have 'Compassion' then you do not hate or blame others. So he said you need Passion, Dispassion and Compassion -all the three.

12. I think this simple mantra can contribute enough moderation and sense of balance which is the ultimate test of a matured person.

13. No one starts and must not start or cannot start or need not start all aspects of life in moderation.

14. Aggression, passion, influence, impact, intensity are the things that spice up the adventure of life but then everyone must grow out of these experiences into a matured balanced person acting with moderation.

16. But it is also high time that all individuals and institutions which feel responsible for youth, future generations, and posterity of humanity must emphasis and consciously promote  virtues of moderation, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, accepting facts, happiness, contextual relevance of whatever is done  etc as most important tenets of emancipated human beings practicing a universal religion.

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