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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Confession is hypocrisy

Confession is hypocrisy whereas care shows conviction and courage.

If you really care for them then you must go live near them and help them rather than sitting in air-conditioned comforts of media houses in India and USA alternately.

Instead of making unsolicited confession about his pleasant relationships with Pakistan, as if someone said it was a sin or mistake. I would suggest and also ask sponsors to enable him to find a house in Pakistan.

Anyway this is not even real confession but profession of pandering to pay masters.

When you SIT near HEARTH WHERE the RAJ was RUN as during previous regimes of taking money from foreign entities to dance to their tunes.

But now the whole of or at least the majority of humanity is globalized and thankfully interconnected through technology and interrelated for a better and happy living where xenophobia, religious bigotry are slowly becoming outdated.

And because of these very facts anyone who harps on or insists on identity based victim hood projections or biased opinion peddling without having the guts or spine to condemn nonsense as nonsense and terrorism which affects everyone’s life as terrorism is exposing himself as part of the clan of leftover LEFT of India and paid media mafia of India who I would like to see carry on living in Pakistan rather than pathetically confess about his connections in Pakistan.

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