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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Social Media’s many voices mute the MSM mafia.

                              Social Media’s many voices mute the MSM mafia.

The 24 hours of inevitable churning involving contradictions and constant change throws out of gear the control freaks in the form of mass opinion molders.

       1. So desperate is the MSM that they do not miss any opportunity to show their disgust  for this social media          calling them as ‘‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ because Social media are trumping paid and      prejudiced news.

        2.Jealousy driven, frustration filled club of media mafia who lived in the sanctuary of  comfort where they     felt that peddling lies, opinions , twisted presentation of news with hidden agenda of provocation were their           sole preserve.

3. Their only qualification being misinterpreting, misquoting and maligning their chosen targets with impunity               and worse still gloated over their status of mass opinion molders.

4. These media channel room heroes, in some cases Romeos thought that their sanctuary will never be invaded by any force and they could burn anyone or any truth or fact in their toxic gas chambers of Left or paid patrons’ ideology.

5. Unfortunately, they have been upset by unexpected technology which enabled people to capture facts in real time and also vent their views on various dimensions of any issue so they call this force of social media users as ‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ as this echo is gradually silencing the 24/7 news channel cacophony.

6. What about paid MSM extremism before and after advent of social media.

7. This debate itself is because biased and paid MSM feels unsettled by social media. [SM]

8. Confirmation bias promoting, opinion and judgment peddling are no more sole preserve of MSM.

9. Everyone can express what touches the heart, triggers the adrenal or tosses the mind or makes one feel that it can be good for humanity.

10. MSM alone has no exclusive copy rights for social engineering anymore.

         11. It is an age of missiles of multiple mindsets and aspirations and myriad perspectives and perceptions                  where moderation is marginalized and aggression is adored.

12. Social media’s popularity itself stems from some of the above and besides, of course, the usual human attributes of attention seeking, gossiping, rumor mongering and impulse to communicate and share.

13. In these processes SM has taught Newton's 3rd   Law of motion to MSM.

14. If people want only palatable sermons plenty of scriptures out there, literature and life are lively because of stories and experiences.

15. Avoid attempts at homogenization and control of opinions and aspirations. It has failed everywhere starting from craze of Roman Empire to Nazism to Stalinism even in limited geographical area because nature is variety.

16. Life goes through its own churning process and evolution plays its part in all spheres unmindful of lofty preachers or news and nuisance peddlers.

17. Sense of balance must prevail over emotionalism. It would be nice if everyone and everything also evolve along with awareness of these inevitable facts.

18. Science and technology must be used as a medium for this along with providing physical and mental comforts.

19. Religions must emphasis utility to life rather than parading and taking pride in number of adherents or superiority of cult like following.

20. Economies must ensure better and happier life for maximum number with collective participation of all while ensuring minimum damage to environment.

21.Nations and politicians must realize that humanity is better served if  it functions as a global unit devoid of specific real estate veneration, refrain from interfering in others affairs, avoid hysteric reactions to historic blunders etc.

22.So, social media extremism or exchange of ideas, ideologies and information and so on go to reflect all the sensitivities of  identities which are prevalent in the society, which resists unity amid variety.

23. A society where social media savors the benefits of globalization but supports xenophobia.

24. Where on one side traditional practices are giving way to rational questioning and another side emphasizes more and more of traditions with justifications and excuses.

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