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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Abstractness of Reality, Thoughts and Feelings

The words Reality, Thoughts and Feelings are terms generally used very loosely to convey things that are abstract and relative.

The abstractness and element of relativity about reality, thoughts and feelings defy specific definitions for anyone of them.

Any single definition of what is reality, what is thought and what is feeling will be defying logic and difficult because all these three terms refer to phenomena that are a bit complicated as they are all in certain ways independent, in certain ways interdependent and in many ways inner dependent.

We make them more abstract by adding constantly a huge carapace of fuzziness around them.

Certain philosophical concepts and idealistic ideas are meant to be imparted to only those who have at least the necessary intelligence to understand the appropriate meaning, even if they cannot understand the exact one in proper perspective.

They are called abstract for a reason.

I think the fact that they are abstract is the most important thing we must keep in mind and mind about.

Though there is nothing wrong in constantly trying to seek to know what they are or what is meant by the terms through which certain abstract phenomena are articulated verbally, here I mean things like Reality, Sprit, thoughts etc

They are not meant for those incapable of handling them.
I do not want to say uninitiated or less intelligent because then I would be courting controversy.

It is like giving a knife to a child.
Whatever the child does with it you cannot blame the child.

This has been the problem even with some of the highly scholarly and academically well equipped people as they lack the necessary perspective to evaluate things and ideas and get educated with appropriate contextual relevance.

This has been the problem with many myths, epics, history and scriptures.

We mutilate them in multiple ways like for example over exaggeration; excessive adoration or condemnation; extreme unwarranted devotion or irrelevant criticism; excitement in ideologically appropriating greatness; trying hard to  convince that something has  universal application and can act as a panacea; ethnocentric pride in claiming that we knew something much earlier than the rest; portraying many things with our limited petrified prejudices, putrefied perceptions and puerile pomposity and so on.

All these collating to suit our justification or our stand on something may lead to collusions and ultimately mask everything with massive misinterpretations.

Worst part is  all these is they prevent many us from making an unbiased or unconditioned observation of anything as it is or grasping any phenomenon as it is or seeing and accepting anything actually as it is.

This is how we render them more abstract.

Under such category of things come these: - Reality, Thinking and Feeling.

Thinking or thoughts and feeling or feelings [emotions] are important components of social human beings.

It would be really dangerous to encounter a society where human beings act without feelings and/or thoughtlessly.

The very same thinking or thought and feeling or feelings [emotions] may hamper our progress into or in higher realms of life and living.

But no human being can achieve a higher state of consciousness without going through the processes of thinking and feeling.
It is like expecting someone to write great novel without learning alphabets or words.
These are necessary steps i.e. thoughts and feelings but they need not necessarily be the stops.

Not only reality but all thoughts and feelings are also relative.
No one say with axiomatic certitude that something as the only or ultimate reality or best reality because reality itself is what is perceived to be so.

So, it is even risky to venture into come out with any particular definition and therefore most people mostly catch on to some readymade definitions available out there.

Fundamentally Reality is reality with all its multiple facets and faces; dimensions and dynamics; polarities and probabilities; positives and negatives; victors and victims and so on.

But reporting of reality is confined to or constricted by perspectives, frames of reference of limited perceptions, populist projections, perverted and preconceived portrayals based on identity affiliation of religion, region, language, ideologies etc.

Seeking and searching for meaning of life with all our senses, sanity, with a scientific spirit and trying to understand spirituality- to find if it exists- along with a sense of humane social consciousness renders seeking a sweet sojourn.

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