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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Reason and science -let us respect

Reason and romance are the two most influential  things that impact maximum the minds of impressionable age.

Misplaced messages belittle science and the holds guilty the religious freaks.

Science is a different ball game.

Let us give full  credit to whoever has discovered something for the benefit of humanity.

Claiming credit, consistency, ancientness, superiority or greater number of adherents is not going to make anyone or anything greater but on the contrary it is a symptom of pathetic attention seeking or desperate marketing.

Instead inspire children to listen talks like the one at the end  really inspiring to all and instructing to the elders and intimidating to some but will enable  children to think without biases and also more brilliantly.

Though like all domains it may have its own known or unknown, accepted and unaccepted short comings.

In simple terms it involves unbiased observations, in depth research, experiments carried out and empirical evidence well documented with universal applications along with a rider that it can or may be disproved or replaced with newer or better evidence without the original discovery or invention resisting it.

I am not even venturing into the minimal  jargon like hypotheses, target group, sample survey etc.

The greatest beauty of all scientific discoveries is that they benefit everyone irrespective of any extraneous considerations.

However, we all must remember that every scientific discovery or invention or creation involves many hours, days and years of research which should not be belittled by claiming that some tradition somewhere knew it already.

There is a growing trend of this illogical and fanatical resorting to refrain of  trying to assign all credits to religious past glory, whereas, in reality many aspects of religion has crossed their expiry date.

Worse is to do this resorting by trying to find some connectivity or justification devoid of logic and this will only push further the youth away from any good that the role of religion or the political ideologies may have .

Actually this is doing a disservice to the vulnerable minds of impressionable age because using these illogical statements/observations/claims the pseudo liberals will fill the gap with some counter logical fallacies.

So, stop doing this for the sake of religion, science, humanity, logic, youth and human race.

Let us always seek and search for synergy between science and spirituality, that too not religion or tradition.

There is nothing wrong in highlighting synergy or similarity but then that must be done before hand rather than claiming ‘we said so’ ‘we knew it already’ etc. Then where the hell have you stuffed in all that useful knowledge.

By claiming credit after the event you become guilty also of not sharing useful information for the benefit of all in a manner that everyone could have used rather than tucking it under some cloak of tradition or packing it off as some religious practice.  


Our education systems have killed inquiry, experience and have replaced everything with grand theoretical texts to be learnt and reproduced either with or without understanding. Science  has enhanced human living, made life more comfortable and helped human beings understand about life better and  far beyond what religions or arts or politics or perhaps all put together did or do. Their impact and influence is obvious in every sphere but unfortunately humanity respects and reveres science less and scientists are pushed into oblivion.

This whole write up is for people from various religions who are claiming that fasting rituals already knew what this year’s Nobel Laureate has discovered ‘autophagy’.

We are all aware that all human beings have to necessarily fast almost every day at least while sleeping.

This year’s Nobel Prize for medicine link here:

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