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Thursday, February 13, 2014

rewarded for non payment of electricity bills

Reward for non payment of electric bills a great offence please someone act quick and bell the cat otherwise it is a dangerous trend. 

A nation of ‘functional anarchy’ to anarchic top functionaries and their beneficiaries.

A nation once described as a functional anarchy has graduated to place on power anarchic functionaries, who have rewarded the defaulters, and made the followers of rules and law real fools. What are the courts, President of India, Prime minister, lieutenant governor etc doing?

Is there no one or no system to question this? Can others in other parts of the country too follow this non paying of electric bills for almost six months ? How can those who did not pay that long continue to have their power connection? Are the rest who pay regularly fools? Unless you make the entire bunch of mafia which promotes these activities with total impunity answerable and even get severe punishment, this cancer of refusing to pay electricity bills will be followed by extension of logic by everyone all over India. Why should I pay when my probable future chief minister will reward me for nonpayment?

There is a new upstart  Indian , the whole nation is indifferently ,impotently  and passively watching this  recusant [1], recalcitrant [2],  intransigent[ 3], all rules  flouting anarchic and arrant exhibitionist  of contumacious contempt for all constitutional norms who loves doing these along with a bunch of emotionally charged up youth brigade without any discipline , I am not describing any adventurous ,sincere, leader of any youthful bunch of revolutionaries , but a great and of lately popular actor, who does more of these more  for media attention rather than effecting any real outcome, for, if  he wanted effective outcome he would have filed cases against irregularities and the perpetrators of irregularities in the courts of law, and this person is unfortunately made into a chief minister of  the capital of India.

He has been up to all sorts of mass appealing stunts, slogans and symbol generating activities like wearing caps of a particular shape as a brand building activity.

John Kenneth Galbraith called India a ‘functioning anarchy’, though  the fervently patriotic and nationalistic  persons would react to this  comment  any discerning and unbiased Indian who lives and drives in Indian roads will acknowledge this fact  without any hesitation. Though this is not a pleasant one but still it somehow functions like the many parallel economies, chaotic drivers on roads etc.

But it would be sending a very bad precedence if the head of a state himself engages in initiating and instigating anarchy and promoting violators. Is n’t this anti state or anti national? What if in every state one group of anarchists like this erupt and ask people no to pay electricity bills, taxes and then if by hook or crook they come to power they would waive the defaulters and the rest of  conscious citizens who paid on time the taxes and electricity bills become fools.
Please fill the courts with PILs to put this mafia behind bars for sponsoring anti state activities.

[1] consciously disobedient to authority
[2] Disobedient, challenging or ignoring authority
[3] Very disobedient and fixed in that attitude

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