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Friday, February 14, 2014

liberty, freedom ,liberal


For my part I would like to say that the words Liberty and liberal have evolved through a very opaque things or systems etc it had referred to for example word liberty the etymology of the word liberty itself from the  Latin words "Liber," "Libera," and "Liberum" -- with a Long I -- came from the root meaning, "to pour." From this, we get the word "Liberty" (hence pronounced with a short I), from the freedom we feel when we get drunk ,  a sort of feeling high . So a lot depends on what you pour and what gives a feeling of high. If the same word ‘liber’with a long I -- means, "to peel," [from which the word library is supposed to have come ] and the word liberal from latin liberalis  “ noble, gracious, munificient” and according to one of the best books on history ‘History for a united world’ that I have read long back by an author called Edward Herbert Dance  he mentions that the word liberty and liberal were used for nobles and the aristocrats and it indicated or referred more to ‘class privilege than anything else’ this author incidentally writes “  India was far advanced in many areas when the west was still groping about in dark ages”

So even taking it literally liberty depends on what gives you a feeling of high and it gets its identity with that and as indicated above in modern media labeling it gets identified with anything that is perceived as leftist socialistic concepts correctness and therefore, or to be more blunt and precise, because of that very reason there is nothing lofty about the word liberal itself. So if someone says he is very liberal minded means exactly that ‘he is identifying himself with a concept of correctness as defined and determined by the leftist socialistic ideology and it varies from country to country.  The left must be credited for mutilating even the very meaning of the word by the connotations that they have given it and the brand building exercises that they have carried on.

The word free too has two sides the brighter one goes in its root to the word love itself but the darker one is an adverb you get something free, not for free. To quote from ‘Word Nerd’ ‘freebooter is a pirate,”frees” the “booty” from a ship. The elements of freedom are free and doom, but when the word came into English , this combination meant “condition of being judged to be free” and doom then meant “deem”.

I wish all of you also read these two excellent links second one short [about how dirty the word liberty is’ and the first one long about how mutilated and raped history is.

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