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Saturday, February 15, 2014

AK 69 principal retires at 49

AK 69 principal retires at 49

A newly appointed principal in a Delhi high school where the appointment of principal is decided by the voting of the students and parents, on the day of taking over charge she did not go to the principal’s room as she wanted to mingle with the students and be one among them . You see the logic, only then, she can really understand their unique problems so asked all the students to come to the assembly and all of them greeted her in mutual admiration.
1] Then told them hence forth she will consult them [the students] and only then conduct exams, the question papers also will be set as per their choice, it is more democratic and questioned why any board official must decide the exam dates, it is after all the students who are going to write the exams so they must participate and decides depending on their other romantic dates [I am not referring to the Arabian variety of course] and then if necessary decide on the exam dates.

2] She next convened a parents’ meeting where she announced that those who complained about school fee and who did not  pay the fee in the past  two years can henceforth  pay just 50% .[ forget about those foolish parents who paid the fees properly and in full.

3] Then she decided to have a smoke in the street corner shop along with the students and have a friendly chat , when some parents did not like this and questioned her, she told them there is no need to consult the board or get the approval of the parents to smoke along with the students, there is no specific rule in the school administration board which requires all these.

4] If the vested interest and jealous parents who paid the fee want to stop me from all these I will resign.

5] Next day she was spotted sitting at the entrance of the school in shorts and scarf, coughing because of the cold, along with a bunch of students who supported her saying that we will fight for democratic right of the students and parents [those unwilling to pay the fee ] to choose their principal . It is a ploy by the management of the school and the board officials and those foolish parents who paid the fees regularly who are against the poor AAM ADMI principal.

6] Since the media finds it interesting to show the spectacle of this new phenomenon of a lady principal smoking and sitting with the students in shorts appealing to those who want to see a change unlike those old type of  disoriented principals with total disconnect with the student community who confined themselves  to the principal’s cabin appointing teachers , collecting fees ,administering  the school conducting exams to ensure that the school produced learned students etc. those old principals were highly short coming in terms of tall and false promises and advocating anarchy appealing to the adolescent students may not be selected by the students community again as principal 

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