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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hindu blogs

This was compiled in 2011 and things would have changed since then. 

Top 10 Hindu Blogs 

Top 10 Hindu Blogs

Top 10 Hindu Blog List
Top 10 Hindu Blog List
(CHAKRA) You’ve probably come across hundreds of small and rarely updated blogs related to different aspects of Hinduism. To make your life easier in finding interesting, educational and resourceful Hinduism blogs, our senior editorial team has put together the following list of what we think are the top 10 Hindu blogs at the moment.  Each of these blogs has a different focus, ranging from Hindu history, yoga, ayurveda to human rights and political issues. The top 10 Hindu blogs (in no specific order) are:
Hindu-blog updates regularly about matters related to Hinduism (like festivals, fasting, rituals), the latest developments in Hindu society and religion and explores Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). The high frequency in posts by the blogger and mainstream topics helps to keep readers engaged. We recommend this blog be followed by anyone wanting to know the what & why’s of many Hindu traditions, but don’t have hours of time to do research and reading.
An excellent blog exploring Hindu history but with a unique perspective bringing out many not so well known facts. We dare say that this blog is a refreshing change from what we are used to in the Hindu blogosphere and a must read for any enthusiast of history.
A mixture of news and blogs, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti helps tocreate awareness for issues with the intent to stop denigration of Hindu Dharma.  It also shares educational posts about Hindu traditions and celebrations.  We’ve noticed that most of its posts topics are somewhat exclusive and hard to find elsewhere on the web in such depth, making it a valuable resource.
Hinduism Today is a worldwide publication focusing on all topics related to Hinduism and the Hindu community. This magazine inspired many members of The Chakra team and their blog is a great way to be up-to-date on all trending Hindu topics. Their blog also contains a daily inspiration post which we find very enlightening.
Western Hindu is about a British Bloggers’ path towards the Hindu religion. The blog gives great insight and perspective of how a Caucasian westerner embraced Sanatana Dharma and his continued learning’s of various traditions and scriptures. Would recommend for anyone interested in Hinduism.
“Manasataramgini” loosely translated from Sanskrit as means “mind waves”, a fitting name indeed for an encyclopedic blog exploring such diverse topics as Hindu art, architecture, history, evolutionary biology, and paleontology to name a few while consistently maintaining top quality standards. A truly thought-provoking and engrossing read once you begin!
Run by a non-profit organization, this blog contains a mix of posts on yoga, ayurveda and Hindu nutrition. We thought there should be at least one blog on this list covering these important Vedic sciences and traditions. Make sure you read this blog if you want to stay fit and live a healthy Hindu lifestyle.
A great blog full of mantras and bhajans for all Gods and Goddesses and is one of the best devotional resources we found available. Many of the blog posts are interactive with pictures and videos  of the chants and mantras.
Hindu Human Rights (HHR) focuses on human rights issues and atrocities against Hindus around the world. If you want to follow  the latest injustices faced by the Hindu community then this is only single place you will find this information along with related posts, picture galleries and actions.
Part of the Hare Krishna movement, ‘Back to Godhead’ is a magazine that also manages this blog. The blog provides information on everyday life from a Krishna conscious perspective and is a great read for any spiritual junkie.
Here are some other Hindu blogs that didn’t make our list, but you may want to check out.
HAF Blog (Hindu American Foundation)
The White Hindu
Rajiv Malhotra’s Blog (Huffington Post)

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