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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Letter to Penguin

I am great fan of penguin, oxford and faber publications as an avid reader for the past 6 decades.

Faber for publishing some rare authors and you two for your scrupulous introduction to authors and classics and books of all genres which gave us an indication about how serious an editorial team you have. So for classics and great works my preference was penguin or oxford, even if I found them a bit costly for my purse. I am sure this is the case with many discerning readers and writers.

I have learned a lot from great books like Age of Reason, Human Destiny by Le comte du Nuoy etc published only by penguin.

I can understand the business compulsions which may require you to make minor compromises ideologically to survive but at the same time publishing books on sensitive subjects even without verifying the factual errors, leave alone ideologically different interpretations or varying opinions etc, tarnishes the quality of business and lack of ethical standards both can harm your business in the long run and this can happen more often if you pander to works churned out by people indoctrinated and working with hidden agenda, ulterior motives etc emanating from those fossilized ideologies of Leftist Marxism or  Leninism or Missionaries marketing religion through conversions and degrading of other religions and cultures.

Let them publish their own political or religious pamphlets and books which those who are interested or identify with or  forced to will always buy and read. 

Their agenda is so hidden that you may be used as a tool , without your even being aware of it, to target a different person or ideology.

I love all ideologies because every ideology  has a role to play but what I am against is the hidden agenda, which has no qualms about destroying the very tool it uses to propagate, after all these ideologies killed millions of people and created economic and cultural backwardness for many nations.

Please do not let down the legacy of your quality or ethical standards down the drain by publishing books like those of Wendy especially to a nation which perhaps will be the major consumer of your product in future by the sheer volume of its literate population. 

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