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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Horse trading in Indian politics must stop to improve in other trades

Horse trading in Indian politics must stop to improve in other trades.
[There is a small glossary involving horse as foot notes for students]

Let us go beyond hypothetical calculations and hippological [1] and philhippic[2] discussions and come out to modify Indian politics

Sonia knows that top Indian bureaucrats are the brazen horses [3] who when goaded with the proper pin in the ear[ of either money or post] would do anything more cunningly than even the politicians [ so it would be wrong to underestimate their political strategizing capacities and overestimate their professional skills] she knew that so well and that’s why to check Manmohan singh [after  putting the pin of PMs post in his ears] from becoming over adventurous and resort to something she appointed the supra parliament authority called NAC which no politician had the gall to question its relevance and/or positioning it in such an overbearing high pedestal.

The privileged family reminded and reconfirmed once again  when this brazen horse was on a ride out of the country  that one man may steal a horse, while another may not look over the hedge [4] [by tearing a proposed ordinance]  what else can you do to a party which is a Bucephalus [5] for the privileged family.

UPA started without clear majority and there started lot of hypothetical calculations and more hippological discussions of horse trading. The Indian Left, the dark horse [6], did not mind backing the wrong horse [7] because it knew whoever is in the saddle paradoxically is going to be a pillion. Cong knew it had the option of changing horses in mid- stream, by using the whip of CBI.

Unlike the predecessors who could afford to get on their high horse[8], Cong lead by a horse sense [9] held its horses; Left always knew that principles are horses of another color[10] . It was also aware that no one has got any clear message straight from the horse’s mouth [11] in congress. Cong and Left knew that they could never draw horses together [12] on economic policies. Cong knew that in polls big groups and drift do not matter and all that mattered was to drift its horses by their polls and croups. [13]  

Cong knew by seeking DMK’s support it could be taking a Trojan horse [14] , yet it could not afford to look a gift horse in the mouth[15]. Cong thought it could keep the DMK at the end of its tether [16]. Cong also knew that to alter certain portfolios its grip on the halter [17] mattered most. So, though Manmohan Singh was offered the PM’s post on a platter he needed to retain the PM’s post with platers [18]. He got into politics during Rao’s rule and he followed it up with roan [19] rule. In a way he ended worse than Deva Goda,[20]  sorry Gowda[ too much of hippological influence].

Manmohan’s reappearance in UPA, especially every May after election, unlike O’Donohues white horses [21] made things different from policy confusions in UPA 1 to complete corruption in UPA 2 because he had to keep all the ministries in the trough [22] for the different horses in the coalition to choose.

After all he himself was the hind part of the pantomime horse [23] and hobbled or hamshackled  [24] by NAC and its gaskin [the part of the hind leg of a horse]  between the stifle[The joint of the hind leg similar to the human knee] and hoof [ the horny covering protecting the ends of the digits or encasing the foot in horse] all  tightly held up by coalition collusions and pulls comprising all the ungulates [25] who were satisfied with this undulating pantomime horse consuming whatever  is left over  in the trough.

For defense ministry Sonia has squared in on a dray horse [26] and all the ponies  of Rajiv’s cabinet were given minister of state and they started running aimlessly like the unblinkered ponies would do ,one of them questioning the need for CA’s and auditors.

You can imagine the plight of a government cavalry riding on pantomime horse with a swinging and shifting saddle when victimized, getting beatings or shitting then it had to be the hind side of the pantomime horse.

When victory, eating etc, it was the credit of the fellow in front. Thus this pantomime horse has developed especially in its hind part such an incurable spavin [27] that it neither talked nor functioned.

Nags [28] have been assigned some titular posts and silenced, while copers [29], ostlers[ 30] are all the satisfied bunch confined in a corral[31] within the strong hold of privileged family to avoid any internal  quarrel. The bards [32] are the spokes’ persons who fluently told lies and twisted facts.

Left is still not willing to dismiss anything as horse feathers [33] but hopes for the horse show again in 2014. So,  Indians beware and prevent this horse shows by giving a clear majority to someone who can improve other trades and economy and ride India into 21st century on economic development rather than on these horses.

What is more dry  and dirty is the media diatribe and diversionary discussions and debates on topics in which the present day youth have no interest but still the media insists on flogging a dead horse [34] of its self- created labels and brands as communal ,secular, inclusive growth and many more such non sense which are resorted to not by politicians and media persons with convictions but only by convicts in politics and media either potential or proven and by those media houses which have are either paid or having an hidden agenda.

Even in animal kingdom it is too bad to be too androcentric , so let us veer towards the mares.

The nightmare ended in Delhi and Delhi voters have found their mare’s nest [ 35] the media is calling this AAP a great  Hippocampus [36] as the greatest horse which does not have even enough legs for a horse to be in the race or the Left over Left, Indian’s number one poly tricks party, the   Sorrel [37] as engaged in forming a third affront , sorry front .

All the more now that there is not even a modicum of truth in any allegations made against Modi let Modi come to modify our politics to include governance and economic development also.

Indian politics needs to be Modified to improve in overall development of economy and all trades in steed [sorry again too much of horse stuff{ steed is a spirited horse}] instead of horse trading alone.

Our economy is capable of jubilant and momentous growth and not flow of jumentous stale [38] freebees. Indian Left has left its egalitarian claims long back and is also part of this Equestrian [39] drama.

AAP is a kelpie [40] in this whole drama which has already drowned the citizens of Delhi in water, which cannot even make it to the hippodrome [ 41].

[1] Study of horses.
[2] Horse loving.
[3] A magic horse by turning a pin in its ear it would carry its rider anywhere.
[4] Privileged people can take liberties and commit offences with impunity while others get punished for trivialities [like the great P.V. Narasimha Rao was stripped of his external affairs minister’s post].
[5] A horse only Alxander the great could mount on it and it always knelt down to take make its master mount on.
[6] One whose capacities are not known to the public because he conceals them intentionally for an opportunistic time.
[7] Make an error in judgment.
[8] Overbearing and arrogant.
[9] Common sense or practical thinking.
[10] A different affair altogether.
[11] Direct from the highest source which cannot be questioned.
[12] Cannot agree together.
[13] Poll is the space between the ears of the horse and croup is the space above its tail and buttocks.
[14] A concealed danger.
[15] One cannot scrutinize the inherent defects of a gift minutely.
[16] At the end of one's resources, patience, or strength so that he would not move further [they failed to read Sarkaria commission report]
[17] A set of straps placed around a horse’s head so that the horse can be led or tied.
[18] Inferior horses.
[19] Horses white and brown color –looters of all hues.
[20] Hindi word for horse.
[21] Waves which come on a windy day crested with foam. The hero reappears.  The O.Donoghues were  the lineal descendants of Irish princes , and lords of the Lakes. Their ancestors it is who, in the popular legends of that terrestrial paradise  Killarney,is said to ride over the surface of the lower lake on a white horse every May morning for good [The Eclectic Museum of Foreign Literature, Science and Art, Volume 1 edited by John Holmes Agnew, Eliakim Littell].
[22] Feed tray for horses.
[23] Two people pretending humorously to be horse by dressing in special clothes and standing one behind the other so that the front person appears as the horse's front half  and the other person behind forms the back part .
[24] Prevent a horse’s movement or straying by means of a rope.
[25] Similar hoofed animals.
[26] A horse adapted for drawing heavy loads.
[27] Swelling on horse’s back causing stiffness.
[28] Old horses.
[29] Horse dealers.
[30] Attendant for horses at an inn/stableman.
[31] Enclosure for horses.
[32] Ornamental covering for a horse.
[33] Non sense or foolishness.
[34] Revive interest in a worn out topic, matter etc.
[35] Supposedly great discovery which proved to be no discovery at all and  ended as a nonsensical fiasco.
[36] One of Neptunes’ horses which had only two legs, the hind quarter being that of a dragon [Chinese communism] or fish [Western missionary].
[37] The blind horse which stumbled over a mole- hill and caused the death of William the 3rd.
[38] Suggesting that something is smelling like the urine of a horse.
[39] Relating to horse riding.
[40] Water spirit in the form of a horse, in Scottish folk lore, that would drown its riders.  

[41] Horse race track.

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