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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

understanding and adjustment

We need to always adjust in life, and always be open and willing to learn from whichever source something comes up that can be of use to our life and acknowledge that everyone and everything is important in the scheme of things

There is meaning to everything, this meaning is vital to its very existence, the meaning that we give to it, the meaning that we want to understand and so on.
No one is superior or inferior or even equal. Everyone is different in his her /his own way but what is important is to find the suitable wavelength/plane wherein we can meet and meaningfully mingle with others with little bits of adjustments, tolerance and understanding. That is what social life is all about; otherwise every individual will just remain an isolated forlorn island.

In fact the greatest spiritual beings, saints, philosophers and great thinkers remained so because there was not any other soul to comprehend their way of life to tune to their wavelength.It took ages for others to realize their values.

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