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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Swamijis, Miracles, Religion and Spirituality

Swamijis, Miracles, Religion and Spirituality

Initially I felt, being a not so orthodox person, I should refrain from expressing my views on something that comes from a person like you whom I respect much. However the very fact that you have sent me this mail I felt you expect my views. That is why you marked a copy to me. Hence my opinion here. 

Not at the least meant to hurt any believer of any swamyji. 

If someone does a miracle, can he be a god man? It is a decadent concept.
I beg to disagree with the miracle making swamijis’ philosophy to cheat gullible people.

Modi Mastans and P C Sarkar the popular magicians are then the best god men.

There are lot of miracle men and women in the world. Are they avatars of God?

The very fact if a Swamiji is venerated for his purported miracles or he suffers from attention deficient disorder that he wants to veer your attention towards him by doing a particular stunt which you call as miracle and knowing your vulnerability tries to extract from you whatever he can.

Hitler had very many miraculous escapes in his life. Many of them were  due to his intuition and premonition.

'Miracle has no part in religion,' observed Gandhiji.

This is from Swamy Vivekananda. “If you want to be religious, enter not the gate of any organized religions. They do a hundred times more evil than good, because they stop the growth of each one’s individual development… Religion is only between you and your god, and no third person must come between you”.  (Complete Works, Volume 1)I respect such views.

That is the reason all great spiritually charged religious societies have multiple methods of worship and many gods. That is the reason why even in societies which have been culturally curtailed, religiously restricted and psychologically hypnotized into believing only in one god, one scripture and one institution the individual's innate aspirations and blooming of the inner self are veering towards expressions in some platforms outside their religion or diverting to different activities or totally derailing in from their spiritual track and this has lead to NRMs [detailed article in my blog in the link below] after all life and nature are many faceted splendor

Organized religions and creating institutions and promoting them for religious purpose are inevitable aspects of  promoting and protecting interests of sects, cults and the beneficiaries and to have an  edge over other competitors and appeal to beings who cannot and will not go beyond  average and mundane intellectual and emotional perception. 

Humankind basically needs two vital items. Spiritualism and materialism.Battle of the belly and battle of the soul. Name one god man who talks about belly problem of poor, though many of them are pot bellied! They don't talk about materialism as if it is a sin. But maintain huge wealth.

Name a sadhu or swamiji who fights social evils. 
Last but not least.

Religious wars killed maximum people.

Why do we need God, religion and the consequently the god brokers?

Having said this I am not arrogating myself and claiming that I can travel the  journey of life all alone but I need to do the travelling myself and in the journey every helper is welcome and I definitely need them too as in a train journey, when you board a train starting from the mechanic who checks all the screws and joints to the driver to the signal operator to the track inspector to the level crossing operator to the signal lights to the station master to the toilet cleaner to the snack vendor to the porter to the fellow traveler  everyone plays a role each significant in its own right but to deify a fellow traveler who voluntarily carried my suitcase or to deify the snacks vendor who brought me to my surprise my most favorite home- made Avial and claiming that without their help I could have never made the journey is not correct as it is  the result of not only lack of comprehensive perception but distorted perception. Very often it is not even our perception but the scale of observation and frames of reference which create the phenomenon. The scale of observation depends on man; it is he who creates it. In nature, different scales of observation do not exist. There is only one immense, harmonious phenomenon on a scale which, in general, escapes man. The structure of man's brain necessitates dividing into arbitrary compartments and cutting up into isolated pieces. With the aid of several instruments science creates more phantasmagoria: "on our scale of human observation, as pointed out before, the edge of a razor-blade is a continuous line. On the microscopic scale, it is a broken but solid line. On the chemic scale we have atoms of iron and carbon. On the sub-atomic scale we have electrons in perpetual motion which travel at the rate of several thousand miles per second. All these phenomena are in reality the manifestations of the same basic phenomenon, the motions of the electrons. The only difference which exists between them is the scale of observation" [Human Destiny, Lecomte du Nuoy- a marvelous book that everyone must read – if I remember correctly this comes in 34th page I have read that book at least 8 times].

Unfortunately many of the new trends are doing more harm than good to the spiritual journey.

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